Daft Red Hot Sperm (Whales) at The Illicit Still

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Daft Red Hot Sperm (Whales) at The Illicit Still

Postby danielsmith » 25 Sep 2009, 10:24

We were on at 5.30pm at The Illicit Still and most days it was a real struggle to get audience in - James Christopher, whose show was on after ours, has described it all very well in his Yorkshire Comedians: Born and Interbred review - the location is too out of the way for any real passing tourist trade but the staff and owner were incredibly helpful.

The performance area is a corner of the main bar that can be sectioned off with a curtain but the room tended to work better when it was left open so anyone coming in for a drink was automatically bought into the show and couldn't disrupt the show from behind the curtain.

The sound setup was more than enough for the size of the room and although there was an issue with the mic cutting out on the first show the owner sorted that out for the next day.

If I had the choice I'd probably not want to do the venue again at that time of day - the later shows seemed to get a decent crowd in but the one before ours had the same trouble we did with audience numbers which seemed to suggest that it's a good venue for the post-work crowd but not for tourists.

Cheers for the opportunity though PBH - very much appreciated.
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