You Are Being Lied To at Dragonfly

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You Are Being Lied To at Dragonfly

Postby dmulholland » 21 Sep 2009, 13:20

You Are Being Lied To
David Mulholland

On the whole Dragonfly is a fantastic venue. It’s just off the Grassmarket so it’s easy to flyer, especially in the afternoons. The bar is tastefully done and the staff is terribly supportive. I really couldn’t have asked for them to be any more helpful.
Dave Gibson before me and Alfie Moore after were both great.
The room itself has its upsides and downsides. The décor is eclectic: an art deco mural on one wall, a children’s story mural on another and reggae punk wallpaper on a third all lit by a large baroque chandelier. It's fun in a I'm-not-sure-if-this-is-genius-or-spastic way.
The room is divided into two parts. The front half by the stage area has about 25 seats. Then two large pillars create a feeling of separation. On the other side of the room, beyond the pillars, there is space for about 4 more seated people and about 30 standing. The result is that it feels full with 25 but can accommodate about 60.
That was not an issue for me in the first two weeks as I was getting audiences of 40-60 a show with little flyering. But it was useful in the third week when my audiences dropped to 25-45 with a lot of flyering.
The pillars, however, were a mixed blessing. They’re large and blocked the view of quite a few people. My show had some important visual elements and in a full show about 15 people couldn’t see anything except a pillar. For them, it might as well have been a radio show, albeit a sweaty one.
The other downside is that with 60 people — which Dave Gibson before me was regularly getting, especially in the first two weeks — the room turned into a sauna. The ventilation was poor so that it was still warm when I started my show despite the open windows and industrial strength fan that the manager acquired for the festival. Maybe for next year we can figure out a way to get that fan over to the windows and blow some fresh air into the room between shows. It is, after all, hard to make sweaty people laugh.
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