Angus & Duncan's Teatime Treat 15.30 The Globe Bar

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Angus & Duncan's Teatime Treat 15.30 The Globe Bar

Postby Duncan Bolt » 18 Sep 2009, 00:23

We had a great time doing this show. Given that the venue was sorted out just days before the start of the Festival, it worked pretty damn well. There were a few teething problems early on – problems with blocking out sound from the noisy bar and the other performance space, and an angry outburst from Brendan the volatile bar manager. But these were largely ironed out over the course of the first few days – thanks to our very able venue captain Richard Brophy and a good team atmosphere among all the performers at the venue. We had full-capacity houses for all but a couple of our shows. And we frequently had to turn people away. We didn't have any flyers for the first few days – and yet we still packed the place out. I guess this shows that Niddry St is an excellent location and that lots of audience members come having seen a listing in the Fringe and Free Fringe brochures. A fair few punters, incidentally, came to our shows waving very detailed itineraries on bits of paper. People seem to take the Free Fringe really quite seriously! OK, so here are some of the negative bits. The bar manager was friendly one minute, a raging maniac the next. This Jekyll and Hyde complex, I feel, was often a result of the copious amounts of alcohol he'd consumed the night before. At one point he actually dragged stools away from several shocked punters in the middle of one of our shows, complaining that they were needed in the bar area. The arch spaces got very hot – and this wasn't helped by the thick curtains that were needed for soundproofing. But these are pretty minor complaints given the friendly and supportive audiences we had day in day out. All of our guest comics (including the Perrier-nominated ones) mentioned how much they enjoyed the atmosphere at our gigs. So, all in all, a tremendous success, thank you very much.
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