The Midnight Hour (midnight) at Canons' Gait

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The Midnight Hour (midnight) at Canons' Gait

Postby KateSmurthwaite » 16 Sep 2009, 20:29

Anyone under the false impression that the Canon's Gait is an "easy" venue to fill or play should come down at midnight. Quiet some days and rammed others the audiences all fell under one heading "lively". Lots and lots of drunk people, several drinks getting spilt, two racist shouty men and a brilliant blind homophobic shouty man who literally couldn't see the gay couple ten inches in front of him...

That said - I love it - I think it's a great slot in a great room but it suits the kind of act and show who is used to dealing with three stag dos at once. We did 1-2 hours flyering per night, which had some effect. Much of the audience especially at weekends were those too drunk to go home after PBHASC and student drama people staggering in after their shows. We took about £800 across the run.

Pub closes earlier so this slot doesn't exist on Sunday. Bar staff lovely, handover from PBH and Yianni always slick.
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Re: The Midnight Hour (midnight) at Canons' Gait

Postby James Christopher » 17 Sep 2009, 09:17

I found playing this show to be a bit of a godsend after a very hard days slog. You're an excellent compere Kate. Late Shows are always going to be lively, even at The Comedy Store where the punters have paid £18 for the privilege. I always found it fun to do.
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