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Yorkshire Comics: Jokers, Born & Interbred - Illicit Sti

Postby James Christopher » 16 Sep 2009, 10:26

The Illicit Still is a little away from the action, but it's on a busy junction. As there was at least four of us in each show, we'd have one person on each corner of the junction flyering for an hour or so before each show. This worked very, very well for the first week, but then numbers started to tail. As it was a residential area, there was a lot of repeat traffic. On the last few days, we had the idea of flyering in Grassmarket. It's about a ten minute walk away. I wish we'd have thought about this earlier in the run, it pushed the numbers right back up.

It's a residential area, and daytime shows seemed to struggle badly for numbers. We were early evening (18.40) so it was a little easier for us.

Venue captain Ben Verth was excellent, many thanks. Also the bar owner Brian and his staff were all incredibly supportive.

At first glance, the venue looks like it's going to be tough. Open plan pub with a small stage area in the corner. However, we found it worked just fine. Probably my favourite of the three venues I had.

Here is a curious note which goes out to everyone. The theme of our show, one which I was concerned might work to our detriment, was actually incredibly effective. Every day, I'd ask how many Yorkshire folk were in the room, and it would usually be around 20 to 30%. It was never anyone I'd met or performed to back home. If you're in a group, it's worth using your city or area as the first word in your show title. People skim-read the brochure, and it's a surprisingly successful hook.
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