Join The Stand-up FREEmasons - Globe 1 (16.15) Cruz (20.00)

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2009

Join The Stand-up FREEmasons - Globe 1 (16.15) Cruz (20.00)

Postby James Christopher » 16 Sep 2009, 10:06

As others have said, Globe gets very hot. It was a phenomenal effort to get a replacement for Nicol Edwards at such short notice, and it wasn't all negative. Both arches are intimate, cozy, easy to fill, good location, and the sound wasn't too bad, all things considered. However, the real problem was the heat. This turned most shows into an endurance test rather than entertainment, both for performers and audiences. This was an incredible drain on people's attention span, and we found takings were very low, even when the show went well.

Two large fans helped, but not enough. Something would have to be done about the problem if the venue is to be made viable. It's a shame, because aside from the heat issue, they're nice performance spaces.

Richard Brophy, the venue captain, worked very hard, many thanks. I think his idea for venue notice boards is very good. The venue staff were a little prickly, but very practical and precise in what they expected from us. They eased up when they realized how much business we were bringing in.

We had three dates booked in at Cruz. I went down the day before our show to flyer, and we flyered for around 90 minutes before our first show. We got 12 people, and the girl on the bar explained that this was good numbers compared to other shows. I think the venue is workable. It's a beautiful location and the boat is lovely, the performance space is perfect. However, it'd take some serious flyering to get reasonable numbers. Probably best for groups who can do lots of flyering, and probably only suited to evening shows as it's a residential area.
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