Do You Think I'm Sketchy - Madogs, 14.45

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Do You Think I'm Sketchy - Madogs, 14.45

Postby James Christopher » 16 Sep 2009, 09:52

This was intended to be a showcase gig for sketch groups, with me compering. It was not easy to get hold of sketch groups to do the show, and they would often cancel. I usually ended up padding out the bill with stand-ups, though I did usually manage to get hold of at least one sketch or improv group per show. Especially at weekends.

Venue location is good. You can flyer on George Street itself, Rose Street and Princes Street. Numbers weren't fantastic midweek, sometimes only just into double figures, but I often got 40+ at weekends.

It's a cozy basement bar, it's great when people are sat close to the stage, not so great when people are sat at the rear.

I found compering very tough early in the day. It's hard to get any energy from the crowds. From a personal point of view, if I compered a show next time, I'd hope for a later time slot. I guest compered for other shows in evening slots, and it was much, much more fun. In broad daylight, I found as a compere, you're more just a presenter, getting everyone focused and introducing the next act.

I was on after MUCK. I'd suggest that anyone who has a slot after MUCK are very lucky. They get good numbers, they're brilliant at flyering, both before and after their shows, and they make an effort to get their crowds to stick around after their own show. Plus they're full of cheer and positive energy (they're Scousers, after all).

I'd suggest that if the show was to run again, it'd be an idea to give it to a sketch or improv group to run and host. They'd presumably have a network of other groups who they could book, and if they get cancellations, they could just do their own sketches / improv games.
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