Tango Cabaret At Fingers piano bar

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Tango Cabaret At Fingers piano bar

Postby anhelmay » 14 Sep 2009, 13:08

Hi, this is Jose from Vertigo.
Performing at the Free Fringe was a great experience for all of us.
Fingers' piano bar is an excellent venue to perform for, and we found a lot of support from May and the rest of the staff there.
The show worked very good, developing from an strictly musical show, to a kind of soft comedy cabaret where the audience got involved from time to time. It was memorable when one spanish person from the audience sang "Acercate mas" as a duo with Alessia.
We learn a lot about the importance of good advertising, the first two shows were absolutely packed because they were advertised on the main Fringe program, which means we had ready audience for our show, meanwhile for the rest of the shows we had to struggle to keep people coming in. We managed eventually!
It was our first Edinburgh experience, and good lesson for the future.
We had nice relations with the rest of the performers, especially with the people from Underword, which may lead to future collaborations.
As said, a great experience.
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