The Voodoo Bar Haymarket

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The Voodoo Bar Haymarket

Postby James James » 14 Sep 2009, 05:00

I was to have had a full run fromt he 8th till the 29th at the Voodoo Bar in Haymarket, and as a street performer I feel I know how to put on a good show, get the audience excited and make them feel as if they have had a good time.

Thats if I could have got a regular audience all the way down there.

The venue is more than adequate, the staff and owner very helpful and polite but the main and most important issue is the distance one needs to travel to get to the venue. E ven with my street smarts and show on the mile, fliering hard, I found it extremely difficult to get the show running on most nights. I effectively did about 6 shows over the whole run and decided with consultation with the owner to take several days off during the second week and third week of the run.

Due to booking late with PBH I didnt have a big choice of venue and would have faired much better had I applied a LOT earlier.

The venue itself is adequate and the ethos of the Free Fringe wonderful, but maybe this venue is too far out for some or most theatre goers...

Hope this early with PBH and get a more local venue...

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