"Stop Laughing, I am German!" at The Dragonfly

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"Stop Laughing, I am German!" at The Dragonfly

Postby hydrantenpolierer » 10 Sep 2009, 13:14

This was my first Fringe and it was great.
The Details:

[b]1. Venue:[/b]
POSITIVE: The Dragonfly is a great venue. It is located very close to the Grassmarket. The staff is really nice and helpful, the atmosphere is very good. They were very involved, very interested. Great team!
Not only the staff but also all the other comedians that did The Dragonfly were great.
The comic that I had most to do with at my venue is Dave Gibson. He did the show after me (Wanchorman). Fantastic guy, great show. He was very helpful always. Thanks a lot for that.
The room has a good size, because it does not take a lot of people to create a good atmosphere. It has around 30 seats and fits up to 70 people in total. It was always very well filled. Sometimes I even had to send away people. But quite a few of them I saw the next day.
NEGATIVE: Very warm after a few minutes. Air condition would help a lot. Because it is a bit off the main tourist tracks it was tough to flyer on rainy days, cause not enough people were on the Grassmarket.
I had the earliest slot at my venue and I had quite a few rainy days to flyer on. They were much more difficult. Days without rain were excellent.
That sounds like a cheap excuse, doesn't it...?

[b]2. Sound/Lights:[/b]
POSITIVE: The lights were good.
NEGATIVE: This is a general issue. Not only in my show but also in all shows I attended as a guest comic the microphones were not very good. In most cases you almost had to eat the mic to get a good volume level.

[b]My suggestion:[/b]
I know that buying better microphones is out of question. But I suggest that next year all comics in each venue should discuss within their team to buy/rent/borrow a better mic for their venue. This is a crucial point and divided by 7-10 comics the costs should be okay. Just an idea. I will for sure suggest it to everybody at my venue next year.

[b]3. The Free Fringe Brochure:[/b]
POSITIVE: very clear structure, very good format, good design
NEGATIVE: The cover was not very appealing in my eyes. It did not give the impression of being the brochure of a big free festival.
Shows that run in different venues (but are the same show) should only have ONE entry. Some shows were on in 3 different venues and were listed three times. I think that is a) not fair to the others and b) confusing to the audience.

[b]4. General Issues[/b]
POSITIVE: I met fantastic people. Most comics at the Free Fringe were very helpful, nice, positive, energetic: it was a great spirit. But...
NEGATIVE: There are a few obligations and they were just not respected by everybody. That is just very sad. Because those things are not hard to fulfill, but they would show some appreciation.
Examples: attend the annual meeting of the Fringe Society and vote(PBH is organizing everything with a lot of effort. I think it is not very nice to let him down like that), show up at the 2 (!) Free Fringe meetings in which we have the chance to organize things and improve everything; give out the Free Fringe brochure.

5. The Bucket[/b]
Since it was my first Fringe I was very surprised about the surprises the bucket had to offer. I learned that the number of people you have in your show has nothing to do with the amount of money you find in the bucket after. Also your feeling about the show (good/bad) has no effect at all. It's even the opposite of what you expected very often.
I found that interesting.
Best objects I found in my bucket (besides British Pounds):
Euros (no, I don't live in Germany!)
Old Spanish Pesetas (somebody time traveled, I reckon)
plastic straws (you can never have enough of those)
my flyer (well, thank you very much! I only have 4.000 of those left!)

All in all:
It was a great Fringe, a great venue, a great time with very cool people.
Plus: As a newbie at the Free Fringe I must say I felt very welcome. Thank you for that!

All the best
Christian Schulte-Loh
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