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mandymudenmagic Show report

Postby mandy_muden » 09 Sep 2009, 14:51

I thought the Cannons Gait was a fantastic venue and the room is perfect. The staff were always charming and helpful and the location is fantastic.

I only did a week at the Fringe but really enjoyed it.

My only comments are:

1. I think for people doing solo shows it would be a good idea to 'team' up with another act. You could then flyer for each other and help with the 'setting up' of each others shows. As I found that the shows either side of me were not always able to help.

2. On that subject it does make a real difference when the other shows help. Even just simply to direct people downstairs or stand with the bucket. I made a real effort to flyer for the people after me and I always managed to get a good audience for them.

3. Being a techno-phobe I had trouble with the sound everyday due to other people changing settings etc. As there isn't a tekkie in the venues I do think if people change settings etc they should put them back afterwards.

I think the Free Fringe is fantastic everyone wins!

I know that PBH doesn't like acts to have to contribute but I would be more than happy to do a benefit in London for the running costs of it.
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