Absolute Best of Absolute Beginners - The White Horse, 11pm

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Absolute Best of Absolute Beginners - The White Horse, 11pm

Postby Alan Sharp » 08 Sep 2009, 18:16

Having just written in my Madogs report that I was not happy with the combination of venue and timeslot, in the case of this show I could not possibly have been happier.

Although I was not involved in the show on every night, those who were have passed back to me glowing reports both of the room itself and of the staff at the White Horse who could not have been more helpful and supportive.

There were one or two small niggles. The show before ours almost always ran over time so that getting their audience out and ours in was sometimes a bit of a military operation. That said, I understand that this was not their fault, but an accumulation of run-overs throughout the day.

The other small niggle was that on Saturday nights the bar ran a music night, the sound of which bled over into the venue quite a lot. But again, this was something merely to be dealt with, we can't expect the pub's regulars to give up their night for our benefit.

However, overall we found the experience to be excellent, and the location to be a perfect one in which to bring in audiences. The show was never less than around half full, often full, and there were a few nights when we were turning away almost as many people as we were letting in because there was no more room.

Overall, if we could get this venue and timeslot for the show again next year, we would be dead chuffed!
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