Pecker & Foof Save the World- Jessica Fostekew Dan Thom

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Pecker & Foof Save the World- Jessica Fostekew Dan Thom

Postby jessnibble » 07 Sep 2009, 19:08

21:50pm, Dragonfly, 8th-29th

This show was brilliant fun, we both gained a load from doing it.

Aside from at weekends (and a generally busy first week) though we had audience number problems, flyering bore no correlation to who came, virtually - most nights we had four or five crusty's popping in after the tattoo - ha ha! We didn't get reviewed by anyone until the festival had finished (!) On Sunday 9th and Thurs 27th we had to pull it because there was no-one there. The last week was especially tough - felt like we'd outstayed our welcome with anyone we tried to flyer!

On the upside, it's a cool venue. Locals we flyered said things like "I know there, that's a wicked bar" - staff were properly lovely, even the bouncer. Dan and I improved our stuff and enjoyed adapting it for tiny audiences and still had a really happy time with the show. After all, Edinburgh's supposed to be about playing to tiny audiences isn't it? Ah hem.

Don't know what to blame for the lack of watchers - the time did clash with a lot of 'big famous'. Flyering got lots of "too late for us love". And not having reviews dangling from our flyers probably didn't help. This was a tricksy time to be just that little bit out of the way... or it could be our fault, or just concindence/ bad luck!

All that said, no complaints at all. Good show, in a nice room that's 'outer-central', with helpful people and perfectly fine equipment. Don't think there's any organisational room for improvement. In hindsight for us, the show was quite facty-culty - strongly themed and might have done better a little earlier. Matters not! More bouncy, zany things like 'Story Pirates' did excellently in there after us - so perhaps past 8 or 9 it's a better venue for the 'weird and wonderful' as opposed to 'save the world, love the honey bee, hate the honey badger' straight stand up?

Who knows. There's my 2p of reports. Thanks again.

Jess xx

Thanks again.
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