Sanitno Cabaretino (Rowan Caves 2)

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Sanitno Cabaretino (Rowan Caves 2)

Postby Dr. Brown » 07 Sep 2009, 02:07

This venue was really great aside from 2 things. First, however, let's start with the great things. The bar was really mellow, a great respite from the madness of the rest of the festival. The performance space itself was also great - large enough, well lit, good seating for a decent-sized audience. It was quite sound proof (despite performing right next door to another show). It had an intimate, private, focused, and practical feel about it. The main problems were this:
1 - Our PA went out half-way through and none of us were motivated enough to do anything about it (I myself am guilty as charged)
2 - Because it is a cave, it often became very hot and humid inside

Aside from these two things, we really enjoyed performing there and would return again. Excellent location as well!
Dr. Brown
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