Earth Calling Johnny Acecraft - Rowan Caves (cave 2), 6pm

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Earth Calling Johnny Acecraft - Rowan Caves (cave 2), 6pm

Postby johnny_acecraft » 06 Sep 2009, 11:16

The numbers:

19 shows
374 audience members through the door (19.7 per show)
£715.90 Total takings (average £1.91 per person - this is distorted by the fact that we sold CDs after the show, and these takings are included)

The positives:

The room was fantastic, extremely atmospheric and perfect for my show.
The staff were friendly and supportive (and gave us lots of booze during the get-out).
Our venue captain Todd was a dude, always seemed to be milling about, happy to help.
The venue location is great.

The negatives:

The situation with the PA system was pretty dreadful. It was just a matter of luck whether it worked on a given day or not, and usually it wasn't. Suggestion: a pooling of technical know-how within the Free Fringe, so people who may be able to fix PAs, lights etc. can be contacted when the need arises.
The venue was very badly signposted. I know this is our collective fault. Suggestion: more thought to be given to this during the get-in day and ongoing through the first week.
The fact that two shows started at the same time was a very bad idea, for two main reasons: it meant that the bar area fluctuated very quickly from absolutely rammed to completely empty; and it also meant that pieces that were paired with a very popular show suffered in audience numbers, since people who aren't there for a particular show tend to follow the bigger crowd.
The ceiling dripped water, which made some seats in the auditorium uncomfortable (I think this was more serious in cave 1)

General experience:

I had an absolutely fantastic experience of being involved in the Free Fringe, and I'd definitely consider doing it again. My show developed during the month to something I am extremely proud of and will be performing around the country. I easily made back my direct expenses with a good little handshake left over. My memories of the venue and the people I met there are all positive.

Many many thanks to everyone involved,

Johnny Acecraft
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Re: Earth Calling Johnny Acecraft - Rowan Caves (cave 2), 6p

Postby Donnchadh » 07 Sep 2009, 11:12

The advantage of starting shows at the same time is that it minimises the sound the audience for the other show make coming in, the calls at the bar, etc. How big an advantage this is depends on the particular show, but for us (Microcomedy) it was a godsend. This is maybe because our show was very quiet, and more prone to being affected by the converstaions of people asking each other which was the right room, and so on.

I think as a collective in Free Cave 2 we dropped tha ball on the PA. Microcomedy bought a cheap stereo which we used when we had to, we should at least have offered that. I can only plead lack of organisation on our part for this oversight. Same goes for the signposting, as I mentioned in my own report.
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