Wanchorman: Adventures In Telly Land - The Dragonfly 4.20PM

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2009

Wanchorman: Adventures In Telly Land - The Dragonfly 4.20PM

Postby dwgibson » 05 Sep 2009, 16:41

Hello Free Fringers!

I was at the Dragonfly bar for the full run this year and had the most amazing experience. It was just off the Grassmarket, a hugely busy area of the festival, meaning that it's easy to direct people to, even though it's just off the busy thoroughfare.

The manager and all the staff were helpful, cheery and accommodating, and even took the time to make a collage of all the shows which they displayed outside. They were always interested in what was going on, and, certainly in my experience, felt like they had something committed in the comedy going on, as opposed to just hiring out a room and not caring.

The other performers were a great bunch, and although I didn't get to see much of them, I heard nothing but complements from the staff. Those whom I did see a lot of, Christian Schulte, who gratefully helped get the room ready and enticed his audience to hang around every single day, Dave Mulholland who helped out at the end of the show despite having to run over from the Beehive, and James Agha, who was constantly trying to improve PA's and lighting with a big smile on his face, were all a real positive bunch to have around.

The room itself wasn't huge, but was really beautiful and helped create a really intense and intimate feel to the gigs. Most days, people couldn't fit in and had to be turned away, but I was surprised at how many of those people then turned up earlier the following day. It's such a lovely bar, and I think that helped. The room had a HUGE screen on the back wall which really helped when showing my clips (Its a lot more professional than using my 1950's projector) and the size of the room means that, even when it's rammed, the acoustics are great. Like many places in the festival, the heat was a problem, but the manager sourced an industrial fan which pumped the stale air out between shows.

I can't recommend this venue enough. Thanks again to everyone who helped me out, and of course to the man who made it all happen, Mr PBH. (If you didn't see his appearance at Spank, you missed a truly great fringe festival highlight)

Well done everyone!

Dave Gibson
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