SHUSH! Fingers Piano Bar, 4.20-5.20pm

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2009

SHUSH! Fingers Piano Bar, 4.20-5.20pm

Postby VG Lee » 04 Sep 2009, 14:53

The show itself actually went from ‘quite well’ to ‘very well’, depending on whether I had sufficient people in the audience. On a particularly wet afternoon I had to pull the show completely, on another occasion there were only three people which doesn’t make for a buzzing atmosphere. However those three people had come to see and hear me which made me feel better. Thursday, Friday and Saturdays were good days with two dozen people on one Saturday but the rest of the week was erratic.

As a first-timer performing a one-woman show with a part lesbian element to it, I didn’t realise how much I would need to target my flyering. I should have put more focus into reaching a particular lgbt audience whereas up till arriving in Edinburgh and doing several shows, I’d been targeting a general audience. An important lesson learned.

Fingers Bar was a very welcoming venue. May and her staff were really supportive and I thank them.
The positioning of my show, however, after Hoopla did provide difficulties. Again the members of Hoopla were smashing. (I found their show very funny!) but their audience isn’t a ‘spoken word’ audience. They’ve come for impro comedy with multiple performers, loads of laughs and participation – I rarely benefited from an overspill. Utter coming immediately after, did bring in some early audience, and often I left behind some audience for them.

I think it would be beneficial at future festivals to consider a venue as ‘spoken word’ as in poetry, short story, narrative etc. with acts having their own flyers, but maybe also a ‘menu’ of what’s on at that venue during the whole day so an audience could make a decision to perhaps spend the afternoon at that particular venue. The way it works now, people come in for one act, they don’t quite know what’s on next, or after that, so they drift out.

Although I left on the Monday before the finish because of personal problems at home, I do think it was difficult to fill a venue for three weeks, on a late afternoon spot. Also a venue that was a bit away from the main events.

To sum up; I very much enjoyed and appreciated my chance to be part of the festival but felt that the time of the event and its positioning could have improved the experience. I’ve certainly learnt a lot and also made some good contacts for the future.
Thank you!

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