Become The Boss Of Everything - 4.50pm - Voodoo Rooms

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Become The Boss Of Everything - 4.50pm - Voodoo Rooms

Postby Tom Meltzer » 04 Sep 2009, 13:40

Show: Become The Boss Of Everything
Act: Kieran & Joe

The Gist

We had a brilliant time doing this - the venue was excellent, staff very accommodating, audience numbers were never lower than 20 and often hit 60 or 70. The show was really well-received and The Scotsman came in and gave us a very complimentary review. Audiences were fairly generous although had little money on them, perhaps because of our late afternoon slot - we averaged about £35 in donations. But hey, we were never in it for the money. All in all it was excellent - we're very keen to come back and do the Free Fringe in the Voodoo Rooms next year.

The Venue

The Speakeasy at the Voodoo Rooms was overall a great venue for our show - we're keen to be there again next year.

Pros -
Good space with proper stage.
Bar in venue.
Place for audience to queue.
Mostly quiet during performances.
Bar upstairs as well as in venue itself.
Air con.

Cons -
A little hard to find.
Lighting rig in the Speakeasy doesn't light people from in front.
Bar opposite stage can distract audience.

The Free Fringe

I feel bad after having had such a blast for taking such a passive role in the wider business of the Free Fringe. Beyond joining the Festival Fringe Society the three of us did little more than promote our show and hand out the programme afterwards. This was mostly due to time constraints, but I feel we'd have got even more out of the festival if we'd been more involved.

Lessons Learnt

For The Voodoo Rooms -
1. Put a map on the back of your flyer to make sure people find it.
2. Consider bringing a couple of lights of your own to front-light the actors.
3. Encourage audiences to use the bar upstairs before your show so that they don't make distracting noise by buying drinks during. (This ruined the first 10 minutes of our show one night.)

In general -
1. Make sure to come up with a scripted, ideally funny way of introducing the idea of donations.
2. The word 'free' is a great draw when flyering, but pair it up with something that suggests quality or alarm bells start ringing in people's heads.
3. Reviews are amazing. We got the Scotsman review on our last day and had a packed house and a great show as a result. Send out press releases early and keep pestering them.
4. Get someone good to design your flyer. We were lucky and had a very talented friend who did an illustration just for us. We suspect it made a huge difference.

Viva la Free Fringe!
Tom Meltzer
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