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The Phoenix

Postby warrick hunt » 04 Sep 2009, 10:19

Great venue some nights over 40pax. management and staff very helpful and obliging.Local punters very loyal and protective. :D :D
Downsides: PA too small for venues length,as people at back could not hear, perhaps speakers on stands next year. Some acts very arsey and time wasters, no shows and non performances due to small figures. this made the venue quite hard to keep up standards of all day performances. :twisted: :evil: :(
All in all great place, well managed by Mr Kermack, who did a sterling job in trying to fill dead air.
Would certainly go back there next year if offered same time slot.
warrick hunt
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Re: The Phoenix

Postby thejoyoflex » 04 Sep 2009, 13:56

Mostly agreed with, however the reason the PA was small was because of the distance I had to lump it on a train, there was another speaker to bring however there was not enough manpower to move it across the country.
So this is no reflection on the Phoenix as a venue or it's management. However i don't believe our show had any issues with people hearing at the back that couldn't be solved with turning the volume up.

But yes, kudos to James for his captainship!

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