Hiya and Higher Canons gait 23-29th aug

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Hiya and Higher Canons gait 23-29th aug

Postby janice » 04 Sep 2009, 08:59

As I didnt arrive till the last week there was I think inevitable sense of joining the party once all the introductions had been made and tying to sort out what`s going on on your own .

I can`t tell if I would have felt as stressed as I did any way but I certainly was very stressed for the first few days . I think that it would have been helpful to have someone who had the head space to recognise I was new and didnt know the ropes -having said that when I asked people they were helpful - though the inevitable rush to get the next show on equals little time -and you dont want to fill someone`s head with your concerns just before they perform .
I do think its not always easy for performers to be able to do all aspects of what`s required and that can be stressful . I am not suggesting that performers are delicate flowers that must only be required to swan up and perform but that there is perhaps something about the performing process that does require a little space to prepare . I understand that having a venue techician is at the moment a no no but I would have liked it . In the end I made a virtue of audience members doing my music and of course it was fine and even good but getting there was stressful.
I do think it would have been different if I had been there at the start and been able to have a tech but I couldn`t so all the teching was done in my head.

The room -which I knew from being a punter last year is a great size and a great room .

It was hot -but so is just about everywhere. The heat had been thought about and acted upon and I thought the management and bar staff were wonderful and provided a much appreciated sense of community .

Having been initially terrified of the sound in the most part it worked well . as I said I felt a bit abandoned to it but I am a bit of a techno phobe ...

The audiences were great.

The idea of the free fringe is great . It works best when we do what has been laid out as the best way to do it . It`s much better all round to "look after " the beginning and end of each others shows .
It`s confusing for audiences and acts to turn up and not know whats going on . It comes down to a bit of good old fashioned house keeping .

I think thats about it thanks xxxxxx
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