A Slightly Dangerous Comedy Occasion / Royal Mile Tavern

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A Slightly Dangerous Comedy Occasion / Royal Mile Tavern

Postby Ben Target » 03 Sep 2009, 14:42

Show Details:

A Slightly Dangerous Comedy Occasion
The Royal Mile Tavern
8th - 29th August (not 18th)
An hour of stand-up comedy from comedians across the Fringe

The Royal Mile Tavern is a small but friendly "cupboard" gig.

There were about 20 chairs in the main area of the back room (which were taken from the pub's basement) leaving enough space for a comedian to comfortably perform. Having said that, a sketch group of four managed to perform using the aisle and a couple of double acts also used the space inventively including an acrobatic duo after moving the first row of chairs.

Four bar stools were placed at the back along with a table. The best gigs were when audience members who could not sit decided to stand at the back and sit on the floor creating added atmosphere.

The show attracted a full house everyday and was a lot of fun with only a couple being not to the audience's liking.

The pub staff were friendly and kindly let performers store props tidily downstairs. As a music venue in the evenings, the Tavern's staff were also very supportive of the shows and often came to watch.

Occasionally there were microphone feedback problems and sometimes the mic didn't work well due to its close proximity to the speakers. It was easy enough to do a show without the microphone though and many comedians preferred this.

The room often became hot which on one occasion led to a few audience members leaving to get drinks of water during the show.

The single spotlight projected from the back of the room where it was stationed next to the radiator worked well. When comedians didn't use it it led to a slightly dulled atmosphere.

Noise from the pub leaked through to the back of the room and from the toilets too. This couldn't be stopped but the pub staff were happy to turn down any music.

The pub's dvd system was used to play a soundtrack once which worked although the pub staff warned that it was a dodgy system. The speaker to the back room has to be wired up for sound to come through and unwired again or else music would play throughout the show.

A fantastic venue for first time Edinburgh shows. Much fun was had.

Thank you PBH!
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