Freedom Come, Freedom Go! - Rowan Caves 2, 3.30pm

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2009

Freedom Come, Freedom Go! - Rowan Caves 2, 3.30pm

Postby Tom Read » 03 Sep 2009, 12:48

Wow, what a corking venue! Polite, friendly staff, atmospheric performing area, enough audience meandering around to keep audience numbers healthy. Got a lot of supportive reviews from audience members, including a 4/5 on

There was a bit of a problem with the PA, but that was a technical matter, not a venue matter. We soldiered on. There were a few days when the late show didn't clear up their mess so I had to do it - not good. It isn't difficult if you're doing a show to ask the audience to take their empties to the bar at the end.

Thanks to PBH for giving me this chance to develop my stand up skills and put on a show that has made people think.
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