BEEHIVE - 5:15pm "Reality Check"

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BEEHIVE - 5:15pm "Reality Check"

Postby shanyaski » 03 Sep 2009, 12:17

Beehive – Daily Show at 5:15pm


A perfect sized room for a one man show. Around 45 seater.

A good level of foot-flow inside and outside the venue for pulling in last minute customers.

For an unknown one man show, the numbers at this venue were consistently good. Speaking to friends doing show’s at some of the higher profile venues in the city, my numbers were much higher throughout the week. Around 12+ on the very quiet days, normally around 20 people to a level of turning them away at the door.

Although warm, the gig didn’t get as hot as many others in the city. 2 oscillating fans were provided.

The venue management staff (Ged and Norma) were more than helpful, offering up laptops, Plasma screens, microphones etc to be used by the acts. They asked for very little in return; taking empty glasses down, keeping the room within legal capacity, ensuring people didn’t sit on windowsills… common sense, and general respect of our hosts.

Allowed flyering of tables inside venue – this really helps!

Allowed full display of promotional show posters.

Toilets outside the room, usually the cleanest in the whole pub.


The general bar staff (not the management) were awful, and consistently acted like they hated the performers for putting so much extra work in front of them.

Most of my negativity towards my show was induced through some of my colleague’s lack of respect for each other and equipment. “Treat others as you would yourself” is considered default for the free fringe, but sadly did not occur by a few at my venue.
• If you break something, own up! It’s often so easy to fix if the right person knows about it. Turning up for a show to find a P.A. system damaged, or mic stand missing etc is not the right time to discover such a problem.
• Clear the whole venue after your show, don’t expect the next act to spend his 15minutes taking out glasses and tidying chairs for you. Saying, “The bar staff should do it” doesn’t help. Most shows need every second to prepare.
• Never count your donation money in full view of the new audience if it prevents them from filling the seating from front to back (and therefore prevents intimacy needed for good stand up atmosphere).
• NEVER EVER walk onto the stage 7 minutes into the next acts show looking for something you may have left from the previous show… Especially if it wasn’t even there?! This level of discourtesy cannot be explained or forgiven! This ACTUALLY HAPPENED. I still can’t believe it.

A spot light may have improved focus onto the stage for my show, but other than that there were very few complaints about the room.
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Re: BEEHIVE - 5:15pm "Reality Check"

Postby dmulholland » 04 Sep 2009, 16:35

You ungratgeful little prima donna! Most of your audience was our audience because we plugged your show and they stayed. You need only have mentioned that you didn't want them and we would have directed them to other shows. You may have seen the room as a 45-seater, only two days did we have less than 80. Also, the bar management told us to put the glasses where we did. When we told you that the bar staff would clean them from outside the room, we were following the management's direction. Also, we didn't use any of the equipment. Our show was entirely acoustic. Finally, what do you mean tidying chairs? Were you putting away the stacking chairs so there weren't so many seats?
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Re: BEEHIVE - 5:15pm "Reality Check"

Postby Alan Sharp » 08 Sep 2009, 17:56

I'd like to put in my twopenceworth here with regard to the broken PA system. I turned up on the Sunday after the Fringe to check my equipment (which I had loaned to the venue because I use it outwith the Fringe for a weekly show) to find my microphone in two pieces and one of the speakers badly damaged. The microphone I understand was replaced by the person who broke it, so many thanks there. However, in both cases I was quite annoyed that the damage to my equipment had not been communicated to me. I phoned James, and he also was not aware of the damage. As he had details of exactly who owned what equipment, when something was damaged, the first thing the person who caused the damage should have done was phoned James who could then have contacted me. I am now having my speaker mended and PBH & Co have promised to foot the bill. They should not have to, whoever caused the damage should be the one to pay.
Alan Sharp
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