At The Knuckle, Royal Mile Tavern 8.30pm

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2009

At The Knuckle, Royal Mile Tavern 8.30pm

Postby john.smith » 03 Sep 2009, 11:23

Very compact and small room but worked well for straight stand-up with just one person at a time needing to be on stage.

The noise coming from the bar could be distracting if seated / standing near the rear of the room due to there being no door on the entrance to the room.

The venue didn't like us putting flyers on tables in the bar as they said it was difficult for them to remove them if the tables got wet.

Quiz machine was supposed to be taken out of the room but after numerous requests this didn't happen but didn't cause too much of a problem as it was moved to the rear of the room.

Show numbers were good and shows went well in the main with 1 or 2 nights where the audience were quiet but happy with how things went - I'd be happy to use this room again in the future.
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