Pay Peanuts Beehive 6.30pm

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Pay Peanuts Beehive 6.30pm

Postby john.smith » 03 Sep 2009, 11:15

Venue was ideal for what we were doing which gave 3 of us enough space to be on stage at the same time.

We did the first 2 weeks of the run and overall were pretty happy, a mic broke when we were on stage and we purchased a replacement for it the next day.

The management did warn us that other shows were not instructing their audiences to take their glasses back to the bar and were threatening to pull all the shows if this was not addressed but this was in our final day of the run and the venue captain was already aware of this.

There was 1 day where it looked like someone had wiped what we thought was excriment on the door frame in the back stage area which was appalling and the staff had it cleaned but maybe it wasn't what it seemed as i saw some emails circulating that it might have been chocolate.

Numbers were ok in the main and it was a love it or hate it show but that was what we were aiming for so we enjoyed it and are already talking about next year - we would love to have the Beehive again.
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