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Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2009

One Kiwi, One Aussie, One Hour @The Globe

Postby Richard Brophy » 03 Sep 2009, 08:07

Our show was a real success. The venue location was perfect (Just off the mile), and having a capacity of about 50 meant that we were always full, and turning people away. The room was perfect, but hot. Very hot. The fans we bought were a bit of a help, but with that many people it'd always be warm.

The venue was a bit of an issue as it was a sports bar, so later shows were sometimes affected by sports matches and pub crawls, and more than once gigs were pulled short notice coz the management had forgotten about a big sports event. The manager was pretty arsey to begin with, but sopftened up over the run, and I think was pretty happy once everything settled and punters were in for all the shows.

There was a bit of passing the buck with responsibility for equipment in both the rooms, which is frustrating when we're all so busy. I think next time, if I were to be a venue captain, I'd want a little notice board for performers at the venue, so that problems can be reported and issues can be dealt with.

On the whole, the show, venue and fringe was a success. Cheers Peter for all your ongoing work and support.
Richard Brophy
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