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Postby danny.worthington » 02 Sep 2009, 13:07

This year I was fortunate to have the White Horse as a venue and found the staff supportive.

Due to the weather this year and the packed audiences of the previous show the room was very warm but not unbearable and as long as the full compliment of three fans were running it was OK.

With the more central venue this year I had no issues at all with small audiences (I was at the Mercat in 2007/2008). I was generally able to get 35 - 50 people every day with just 1 to 1.5 hours flyering on my own immediately before the show, although I am grateful to Sam from DtB flyering for 10 mins directly before a couple of shows when I needed to sort my acts out and the audience hadn't quite come in.

Having not had the disheartening experience of small audiences this year
I felt buoyant enough to spend a few sessions on the high street just giving out free fringe brochures. I recommend this to anyone who wants an uplifting flyering experience. You can easily give out fifty and chat to the public about how the free fringe works in the space of half an hour.

My only dissapointment with the show was the number of acts that didn't turn up for their spots and sent no apology. Most days we still put on a reasonable show, but the final show could have been a disaster with only two of the booked acts turning up - thanks Alfie Moore and James Worenezki (sp) for stepping in.

The bucket varied but over the two weeks I was running the show I collected enough to pay for the fringe programme entry and flyers. I guess week one would probably have made some money also. Not an unmitigated success but far better than last year when whatever money I was making was going toward paying flyerers to get an audience in.

Though I don't see much point getting reviews for a variable bill show we did get one review from 3 weeks but it was so generic that you couldn't tell which day they had been in and could easily have been written just from the info on my flyer - and they spelt my name wrong.

I managed to try out some new material and some stories from my life with some amount of success and may even think about doing a show/half show myself next year.

Get out could have been more organised at the White Horse, but I think it completed OK in relays by the end of the day. Needs some co-ordination next year. I ended up doing what I felt was a reasonable share of the work on my own and then phoned round and left as soon as someone else was available to take over.

Saw a number of the other Free Fringe shows this year and was not dissapointed by them. I did walk out of a couple because the sound was too loud and my ear drums were hurting and on one occasion a show that the audience seemed to be enjoying but just wasn't to my taste/mood.

It was good that PBH was able to collect the "perrier" for all his work this year.
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