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Saturday 03 August 2013

  • 9:00am FREE FRINGE INFORMATION MORNING [Events] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    Pick up your Free Fringe information for the day; have some refreshments. There may also be exhibitions and musicians at the historic Tron Kirk

  • 10:45am THE DRAGON WHO HATES POETRY [Childrens] Café Camino

    Written and performed by Dommy B, as seen on BBC's Rhyme Rocket. A fun children's show packed full of lyrics, laughter and lots of joining in! Armed with only pen and paper, Dommy B needs YOUR help to bring this fearful dragon's reign to an end!

  • 11:00am FREE SAMPLES [Comedy] Whistlebinkies

    We scour the Fringe and bring you previews of fantastic shows of all genres – from magic to music to the undefinable – with a new lineup every day! Hosted by Toby Muresianu, an award-winning LA-based comedian who's written for HBO, Yahoo! and live shows on London's West End.

  • 11:45am A BOY WHO CRIED WOLF [Childrens] The Dram House Upstairs - Attic

    Gem and Ren take you on a journey to a perfect town where nobody lies at all... Or do they? We need future superstars, ballerinas, firemen and teachers to help us sing, dance, shout and shimmy our way through the story of A Boy Who Cried Wolf... Or did he?

  • 12:00pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    Live music from the Free Fringe's pool of amazing music acts. Edinburgh's got talent, and we've secured that talent to play for you. Including William Douglas, Aaron Wright , Daniel McGeever, the Alan David Ross show, Victorian Trout Conspiracy, the Dark Jokes and many others

  • 12:00pm TICKLED PIG PRESENTS: THE NOON SHOW [Comedy] Henry's Cellar Bar

    Tickled Pig (Time Out Critic's Choice and recommended by Spoonfed and presents THREE new comedians. One is the founder of Tickled Pig (Robbie Ormrod), one is the 2010 winner of its Student Competition (Andrew McWhirter) and the other is the 2012 runner-up (Jack Campbell).

  • 12:00pm MARTIN DAWS UNITY [Spoken Word] Royal Oak

    Let's see what happens when we put Top Poet and Young People's Laureate for Wales Martin Daws in an oak-panelled basement with live Electro-Acoustic Composer Rob Mackay and Dancer Sarah Mumford. Soak them overnight in meaning, bake them for a week at truth mark 200 and serve them to the sky.

  • 12:00pm IMPROV. MASSIVE: SHARE THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT [Theatre] The Dram House Upstairs - Fantoosh

    pIMP$ouls (a dad and son duo) present a short form improv show in which you star. Fuelled with your ideas and packed with all your favourite games. Come prepared to laugh your head off (better tape it on just in case), this is not for the faint-hearted.

  • 12:05pm ALASTAIR CLARK BA(HONS) [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 2

    Alastair Clark has a degree; he has a certificate to prove it. A totally honest comedic memoir chronicling the highs, lows and innumerable cock-ups of a painfully typical philosophy student. See how a promising fresh-faced 19-year-old was turned into dole queue fodder in just three years. A real riches to rags story.

  • 12:05pm THE 3RD ANNUAL FREE TEA AND BISCUITS SHOW [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    The word-of-mouth hit show returns! Join hosts Aaron Twitchen 'a wonderful host' ???? (ThreeWeeks) and Paul Savage 'Genuinely brilliant' (The Guardian) for a cuppa, a biccie, a natter and daily guest headliners.

  • 12:05pm CRUNCH THE NEWS [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 1

    Get your daily helping of bite-sized news packed full of wholegrain comedy nuggets. Politicians, journalists and commentators join top Fringe performers for political chat, topical jokes and special daily features. Regular hosts include John Luke Roberts, Grainne Maguire & Sir Ian Bowler MP. Daily lineups at

  • 12:10pm DOMESTIC SCIENCE [Comedy] Canons' Gait

    Helen and Rob are back with another lunchtime hour of home-cooked science and comedy. Marvel as they explore the universe whilst attempting to maintain their own domestic bliss. Fingers crossed then. ???? 'Highly entertaining... surprisingly educational, relentlessly comedic,' (BroadwayBaby).

  • 12:15pm FAT PENGUIN: BITESIZE COMEDY SHOWCASE [Comedy] Whistlebinkies

    THE BEST WAY TO START YOUR DAY! Birmingham's finest free comedy night comes to the Fringe! See up to five of the best up-and-coming comics from around the festival as well as AWESOME SPECIAL GUESTS! All doing short, easily digestible sets! Follow @ThatFatPenguin for updates.

  • 12:15pm SILKY: NUT ALLEGORY [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Sneekit

    As seen on BBC1, BBC2, C4, Paramount and more. To succeed at the Fringe you need something special in your bag. I found mine while showering. Here’s what happened next. 'Very, very funny' (John Bishop). 'Funny and clever' (Tim Minchin). 'Always brilliant' (Metro). 'Amazing to watch' (Daily Post).

  • 12:15pm PBH'S FREE FRINGE SPOKEN WORD WORKSHOPS [Spoken Word] Fiddlers Elbow - Downstairs

    A chance to expand your horizons – want to learn about writing, performing, promoting, or staging for spoken word? We've got a range of workshops to suit everyone – from beginners getting into writing poetry for the first time to seasoned storytellers looking for extra oomph! See for details.

  • 12:15pm OPERATION: LOVE STORY [Theatre] La Tasca

    An intimate story-telling piece by internationally acclaimed live artist Jennifer Williams. Operation: Love Story is bursting with endearing characters and quirky, hilarious writing. 'An impassioned solo performance' (The Argus Brighton).

  • 12:20pm STAPLE/FACE: BATHTIME WITH TOM'S DAD [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    Join Stapleface for a well-behaved sketch show from three wholesome young men. What a fantastic gift from dad! NB: Tom's dad will not be in the show due to creative differences but sends his best. 'Brimming with strong ideas,' (Metro). 'Absolutely packed with goodies,' ????? (

  • 12:30pm TOTALLY NINJA MAGIC SHOW [Magic] Voodoo Rooms - Ballroom

    A guy called David Alnwick does a magic show. 'F***ing Ginger Ninja Wizard' ????? (ThreeWeeks), 'More tricks than a cunning fox' ????? (LSM), 'COMPLETELY F***ING AWESOME' ???? (The Skinny), ???? (FringeGuru).

  • 12:30pm WORST SHOW ON THE FRINGE [Comedy] Bristo Bar & Kitchen

    Russell Howard, Miranda Hart, Julian Clary... what do they have in common? All once received one-star reviews. This show presents a fresh daily line-up of one starred wonders who have proved their reviewers wrong. This One-Star Revue will be hosted by MC Nigel Lovell.


    Celebrate the 6th anniversary of young Turpin's Fringe debut. This time he's deturpined to gain the audience's approval. ???? (Scotsman, ThreeWeeks, BroadwayBaby, EdFringeReview, FringeBiscuit).

  • 12:30pm THE TWO JONNIES: HACK AND HACKER [Comedy] Whynot?

    Tales of glorious failures – smattered with tiny triumphs – in regional journalism from Jonny Greatrex. And proof not all IT geeks are gaunt spectres – Jonny Pearson is a 6ft 4in, 20 stone divorcee. You chose if you'd rather be HACK or HACKER. Laid back yarns, perfect for lunch time.

  • 12:30pm DEATH. YOU WON'T LIKE IT! [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Bothy

    Been touched by Death? Come laugh at the shifty Pale Horse Riding old bugger, as let's face it we'll all get to know him pretty well one day.

  • 12:30pm LOVE, SCIENCE AND REVOLUTION [Spoken Word] Banshee Labyrinth - BH

    Is it all over? What’s left of the communist ideal, now that the great revolutions of the last century have been defeated? UK Slam champion David Lee Morgan spits rhythm, rhyme and intense lyrics over music composed by Michael Harding of Animat.

  • 12:30pm LIES MY GARDEN TOLD ME [Spoken Word] Cowgatehead - lower floor 2

    Let this storyteller share her charming coming of age tale and get taken back to a place and time in life where anything seemed possible. Stuffed like a comfortable cushion with acute observation, bold characters and even bolder silliness. A one-woman comedic storytelling show that is playful, honest and uplifting.

  • 12:45pm BETTE DAVIS AIN'T FOR SISSIES [Theatre] Fiddlers Elbow - Upstairs

    I have two Oscars, not one but two. BDAFS is a journey into the mind of Hollywood's greatest icons on the eve of the 1939 Oscars. What happens when someone who always wants to win... loses? Official Selection of FringeNYC.

  • 12:50pm LOVE HURTS ACTUALLY [Spoken Word] Banshee Labyrinth - Chamber Room

    New comedy from award-winning company behind Welcome to Afghanistan and Murder Mystery. Directed by Fringe Report's Best Director 2012, Andy McQuade, featuring Matt Panesh (AKA Monkey Poet).

  • 12:55pm THE BEAR PIT COMEDY PODCAST PODCAST [Comedy] Southsider

    The BearPit Comedy Podcast podcast is made up to bring you its legendary lunchtime chat show podcast podcast featuring the most fantastic acts from this year's Fringe. Different guest stars every day. ????? (@uberFringe).

  • 1:00pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    The Free Fringe live music section, featuring the best bands and solo performers we can get hold of, will entertain. Edinburgh's finest local musicians and many who have come for the Fringe. A varying line-up every day, and refreshments available while you listen. Including Alex Hynes, Cameron Phair and many others.


    Keiron Nicholson (‘hugely funny,’ The Skinny) and Nicholas Cooke (‘has the audience hanging on his every word,’ Chortle) present comedy and storytelling from beyond the veil. Not scary. Sceptics welcome. Lovely, ghastly, funny, free.

  • 1:00pm CHARLES BOOTH: WE COOL? [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Attic

    Brand new one-man sketch show, crafted and blended like a fine brandy... of comedy. ‘It’s rare and refreshing to see sketches this bold and this clever’ (

  • 1:00pm DAHLE AND JONES ON A PLATE [Comedy] The Dram House

    Gorge yourself silly on Ingrid Dahle, Brighton Comedy Festival Squawker Award Winner and So You Think You’re Funny Finalist. ‘Dahle offers something genuinely different in her act’ (Chortle). Then fill your face full of Paul Jones' ‘array of marvellously constructed one-liners’ (ThreeWeeks).

  • 1:10pm THE BLANK SLATES [Comedy] Chiquito

    Hewn from actual slates! The team will warm you up with a series of fun games before wowing you with a full short play, all of it composed right before your eyes.

  • 1:10pm HOLLAND & BARKER: HOW TO BE... A MAN [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Cinema

    From James Bond to football fans, fighting bears to fighting back tears. Holland and Barker take an irreverent look at what maketh a Man and question if they could ever be one.

  • 1:10pm JENNY BEDE & JESSIE CAVE: AIN'T TOO PROUD TO BEG [Comedy] Henry's Cellar Bar

    30 mins of talking & drawing from Jessie. 30 mins of talking & singing from Jenny. 'Jessie Cave is a genius' (Broadway Baby). 'Her name is Jenny Bede and she is very funny' (Heat).

  • 1:15pm OWEN NIBLOCK: CALCULATING COMEDY [Comedy] Ryan's Cellar Bar

    Can a computer be funny? Will computer comedians ever replace humans on the stage? Owen Niblock looks at these questions and more as he delves into the fascinating world of Computational Humour. With special guests (both humans and computers). 'The master of all geekdom' (ThreeWeeks).

  • 1:15pm DAN & DAN LIVE: THE FIRST SIGN OF MADNESS [Comedy] Canons' Gait

    Dan & Dan's Youtube videos (such as The Daily Mail Song) have had millions of hits. Now they will entertain you in person. This is rather more complicated than it sounds. 'I love them so much it hurts!' (Stephen Fry).

  • 1:15pm MARTIN CROSER - FUNNY BONE CHINA [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Fantoosh

    Martin Croser, comedy’s 'reasonable' man, tells entertaining lies about the novelty teacup industry and other issues (time permitting). 'Croser's writing is first rate,' (Scotsman). 'Funny as hell,' (Helen Arney). As featured on Josie Long’s ARtour 2012.

  • 1:15pm SOUP [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    This free comedy sketch menagerie is the perfect post-lunch treat that guarantees joyous lashings of raucous laughter. Enjoy healthy servings of the traditional and absurd. A great way to kick start your chuckle muscles. Don’t miss out!

  • 1:15pm TOO COOL TO CARE [Comedy] El Barrio

    Too Cool To Care is Lolie Ware’s story of life as a carer shattering the image that you must be overweight, undateable and be addicted to coffee mornings in order to care. Be prepared for a stairlift ride of emotions and to laugh at all the things you shouldn’t.

  • 1:15pm CANDY FLOSS AND BARBED WIRE [Comedy] Free Fringe George

    After starring in the prestigious Big Value Comedy Showcase last year, Ben Van der Velde and Andrea Hubert invite you to an hour of wildly contrasting stand-up comedy. Warm, biting, improvised, anecdotal, scripted, daft, observational, friendly and misanthropic – come play adjective bingo and decide which comic best fits the description in between the laughs.

  • 1:15pm MUTCH DUNN WITH FRIENDS [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 2

    Come and join Edinburgh's up and coming acts Gareth Mutch and Josh Dunn, along with their pick of the festival, for an hour of hilarious observations on school, girls and making fun of the things YOU do in day to day life.

  • 1:15pm THOSE WHO CAN'T...LEARN!!! [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 1

    Lowri Amies used to perform with the Cambridge Footlights. Now she teaches people to run their own businesses. Armed with PowerPoint, a puzzling obsession with kittens and a boundless capacity for tangential rants, she’ll put you off for life. You’re more likely to laugh than to learn.

  • 1:20pm NAZ, MARK AND KIERAN DO STAND UP [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 1

    WitTank's Naz (Russell Howard's Good News, Chortle Best Newcomer Nominee), Mark (Russell Howard's Good News, Chortle Best Newcomer Nominee) and Kieran ('Impressively funny,' The Scotsman) bring laughter to your lunchtime.

  • 1:20pm KINDNESS [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 2

    In 2001, SAM BRADY gave up everything to become a Buddhist monk. Four years later, he returned bewildered with no money and a really bad haircut. Soul-searching, heart-warming comedy from the award-winning stand-up who brought you ‘Meditation Ruined My Life.’ 'Exhausted with laughter, enthralled by his story' (


    The 'likeable and out-of-the-ordinary' (Scotsman) Emily Rose performs her fictional one-woman musical of a Rabbi’s Daughter who falls in love with her female best friend. See her choose between her heart and her dreams through charming and emotive songs.

  • 1:30pm RORY & TIM: TIME TO STAND UP [Comedy] Whistlebinkies

    Free Fringe favourites Rory & Tim turn their hand(s) to stand-up. Come catch the sketch troupe perform some award-entering stand-up comedy (Laughing Horse New Act of Year Semi Finalist and Chortle Student Semi Finalist respectively). Featuring a special guest comedian each day.

  • 1:30pm CATHERINE SEMARK: SHADOW APE [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    What's a Shadow Ape? The part of you that you hope will stay away but always turns up to the party. With a supply of trampohol. ‘Rapier wit’ ????? (Scotsgay). ‘Comic timing is completely and utterly perfect’ ???? (ThreeWeeks). ‘Enthralling’ (FringeReport). Funny Women’ finalist.

  • 1:30pm BRISTOL REVUNIONS- GIVE US YOUR LUNCH FUNNY [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Sneekit

    The award-winning Bristol Revunions return to the Free Fringe for a second year. This time around they have evidence that sketch comedy is good for the soul. Bring the battered haggis, panini or plain old sandwich and enjoy some lunchtime laughs ???? (Broadway Baby) ???? (Inter:Mission). 'Stomach-crampingly funny' (ThreeWeeks).

  • 1:30pm DNA POETS [Spoken Word] Fiddlers Elbow - Downstairs

    Poetry is a slamtidote. You will feel love, smile, do science, laugh, think death, hear music, be glum, sigh at maths and celebrate as you reply to Science Soulmates, fall for a nerve cell, watch Celebrity Big Animals, feel like a cactus and stanza still for the poetry police.

  • 1:30pm SOCIAL ANIMALS [Theatre] La Tasca

    THREE FRIENDS, A CUP OF TEA, A NICE CHAT, THEN A SHIT STORM OF SOCIAL PARANOIA. 'I've never been much into conversation. Talking about shit you saw on the telly, showing off how much of the paper you read before you got in the car and came over. Sometimes I feel like suggesting an orgy.'

  • 1:40pm MORALETRY [Spoken Word] Banshee Labyrinth - BH

    Like a cross between John Cleese, John Betjeman and Mother Teresa, Gary From Leeds and Richard Purnell fuse comedy and poetry while tirelessly pursuing the moral high ground. 'Thoroughly entertaining... a sharp script' (Sabotage Reviews). 'Snappy, humorous yet seriously thoughtful spoken word. ???? (Broadway Baby).

  • 1:45pm THE CABARETNESS [Cabaret] Voodoo Rooms - Ballroom

    Come! Enter the Cabaretness! Live music, comedy and audience friendly interactive performances with Danny Mullins, special guests and everyday all stars. 'Local Hero' (The Jazz Bar).


    Who is Will Sidgwick? Who better to tell you than the man himself (Will Sidgwick). His debut stand up show includes jokes (hopefully), laughter (probably), and Will Sidgwick in person (definitely).

  • 1:45pm ALEX AND ALEXIS SHOULD NOT BE FRIENDS [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Bothy

    Born 3000 miles and 11 years apart, there’s no good reason for Alex Oliver and Alexis Wieroniey to be friends. In this brand new stand-up comedy show they’ll explore penis envy, freshers week, going to Walmart and sex talks with Alex’s mum. And before you ask, no, they are not dating.

  • 1:45pm NICK HALL: LIVE! [Comedy] Bristo Bar & Kitchen

    Nick Hall from hit sketch act The Three Englishmen, ‘Impossible not to be won over’ (Chortle) presents his debut stand-up show. ????? (ThreeWeeks) ???? (List) ????(Skinny). As seen on BBC2, BBC3 and BBC Radio4. @ThisisNickHall.


    Fans of Ancient Rome, modern jokes and weatherproof buildings should form a waterproof testudo and see this show. From Romulus to Romulus Augustus, award-winning comedian Ed O’Meara covers the history of Rome. 'Clever, unique ideas. A strong performer and joke writer,' (Comedy Knights). 'Clever, well-crafted jokes,' (Newbury Today).

  • 1:45pm UNPREPARED FOR LIFE [Comedy] Whynot?

    True stories of an American girl who lived life by the seat of her pants, even when she wasn’t wearing any. An animated master storyteller of depth and wit. ‘An act that is distinguished by a palpable honesty, both self-assured and smart' (Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune).

  • 2:00pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    Live music from the Free Fringe's pool of amazing music acts. Edinburgh's got talent, and we've secured that talent to play for you. Including William Douglas, Aaron Wright , Daniel McGeever, the Alan David Ross show, Victorian Trout Conspiracy, the Dark Jokes and many others

  • 2:00pm CONFESSIONS OF OLD LADY #2 [Cabaret] Fingers Piano Bar

    Now 80, Joan's had a lifetime love affair with theatre and Hollywood and shares her inside-showbiz tales in this humorous musical memoir. 'Joan Shepard takes on the best of them… a gleeful account' ???? (Times). 'Theatrical gossip, name-droppings... This robust woman is fabulous' ???? (Scotsgay).

  • 2:00pm THE TWO O'CLOCK SHOW [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Chamber Room

    The perfect appetiser for your day at the Fringe, with two delightful instalments of stand-up comedy from Laughing Horse New Act of the Year finalist Anna Freyberg ('wittily whimsical with plenty of warmth,' Chortle) and Up The Creek finalist David Hannant ('intelligent humour expertly delivered,' The New Kid).

  • 2:00pm TIME TRAVELLER [Comedy] Dragonfly

    In 2001, Sarah Hendrickx’s life changed whilst climbing some stairs. In 2013, she travels back to her past on a bicycle named after Gerard Depardieu, to sort it all out... ‘I only met her in the street, but she had me in stitches. Twice’ (Adam Bloom).

  • 2:00pm OPEN WIDE TOUR [Theatre] Fiddlers Elbow - Upstairs

    An explosive mix of experimental performance, physical theatre, music and film challenging homophobia and taboo across the globe. Open Wide lays bare various personas, stories and events to bring you a highly charged, juicy underground cabaret experience.

  • 2:05pm SIMON WEEKES & TOM BAKER: SHAME ON US [Comedy] Southsider

    An hour split between Simon Weekes and Tom Baker (not THE Tom Baker), two misanthropes with hearts of gold who turn their personal frustrations about having to be alive into hilarious, conversational stand-up. Also features a guest MC. 'Intelligent, entertaining and very, very funny' (Matthew Crosby, Pappy's).


    An hour of comedy with your hosts Dickie Richards and Steve Bowditch plus special guests The Two Yuris.

  • 2:15pm JOE ROWNTREE-THEMELESS [Comedy] Globe Bar

    Star of Dave’s One Night Stand and Sky 1’s Brainiac Science Abuse brings you a solid hour of stand-up comedy: talking life stories, observations, anecdotes and jokes. 'He has the unique ability to take a cold room and reduce it to fits of laughter' (GQ Magazine).

  • 2:15pm THE COIN-OPERATED GIRL [Comedy] The Dram House

    A Sex-Worker's Real-Life Revelations of Frivolous Fornications! In this tell-all comedy, Kane exposes her life as a sex-worker with stories of hilarious, heart-warming and often bizarre moments in a unique career. Even if it's not your first time with a prostitute, it'll be the funniest!

  • 2:15pm FUNNY FLAMINGO [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Attic

    Funny Flamingo is a mixed bill comedy show formerly at the Canal Café Theatre in London. It will feature some of the best acts on the Fringe. Previous headliners include Jigsaw, Josh Howie and Scott Capurro. All hosted by resident MC Raphael Perahia. 'One of the freshest, liveliest, funniest voices of comedy' (Scott Capurro).

  • 2:20pm ALT.COM.CABBAGE [Comedy] Henry's Cellar Bar

    Two years ago, Sean Morley invented a myth that there was a new alternative comedy movement developing in the north of England. Firmly trapped in that idea/lie/closet/truth, he became one of Yorkshire's few Alt Comedy promoters. Welcome to The Alternative Comedy Cabbage.

  • 2:20pm THE PECULIAR CASE OF KEMSLEY AND TODD [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Cinema

    Richard Todd (Amused Moose winner, 2012), 'an inventive comic thinker’ (Steve Bennett, and Harriet Kemsley (Bath New Act of the Year, 2012), 'a quirky, very funny new stand-up' (Time Out) confess their inadequacies.

  • 2:25pm 10 FILMS WITH MY DAD [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    How do fathers and sons communicate? For Aidan and his dad it was films. Find out how in 'the most happy, charming and optimistic show you'll see at the Fringe' ???? (Fringeguru). Now in its third year.

  • 2:25pm LOVE [Comedy] Chiquito

    What is love? In this one-man show, character performer Andrew Gentilli splits himself into various personalities to find out.

  • 2:25pm BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR [Comedy] Madogs

    Hired by Aladdin's genie, trainer Alice Lashman is here to teach you how to wish successfully. Grab a birthday candle and learn how to avoid the mistakes of bankrupt lottery winners, our coalition government and fame-rejecting reality TV stars. Character comedy by Lynsey Bonell, Time Out Sydney Comedy Critics' Choice.


    Superb' (Stewart Lee), 'Genius' (Russell Howard), 'The light at the end of the tunnel for comedy' (Mark Thomas), 'There's no one remotely like him anywhere else on the circuit' (The Guardian).

  • 2:30pm BEYOND WEST [Music] Free Fringe George

    With a rich yet delicate voice, Susanna performs original songs, ballads and ragas. Often compared to Lisa Gerrard and Kate Bush, her three octave voice is spellbinding, taking the listener east, west and beyond.

  • 2:30pm SIMON IN WONDERLAND [Magic] Café Camino

    Magician Simon South takes you on a trip down the rabbit hole. Following Alice's journey through Wonderland with the use of magic and storytelling, this show is perfect for adults and children alike, creating an experience the whole family can enjoy.

  • 2:30pm LAUGH SUPPORT MACHINE [Comedy] Base

    Hook up to the intensive comedy unit for revitalising laughter and life-saving fun on the Free Fringe's biggest stage. With James Christopher, Richard Scully and top daily guests. #LaughSupportMachine @Jcbeermat.

  • 2:30pm WHO IS MR. KIRBY? [Comedy] Ryan's Cellar Bar

    Come on a hilarious adventure to find out Who is Mr Kirby? Where is he? What does he do and how does he do it? With any luck all these questions and more will be answered in a hour of rip-roaring comedy and music.


    Phillip and Marjorie urge you to join them on this 16-weeks-condensed-to-48-minutes 'meticulously researched' marriage preparation course. Whether you're homosexual, heterosexual, hetomosexual or single, this will put you on the path to complete happiness and satisfaction. Complete happiness and satisfaction not guaranteed.

  • 2:30pm THE SHRIMPS PRESENT: SHRIMPWRECKED! [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 1

    Sheffield's premier improvised comedy troupe are at it again, this time stranded on a mysterious island. Will they ever escape? The Shrimps spin a hilarious yarn for you from nothing but their wits and your suggestions. No two shows are the same! 'They're definitely not human, that bunch' (Liberty Belle).

  • 2:30pm ON TOUR (WE LIVE HERE) [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 2

    Three friends get together to do an hour of stand-up with a daily special guest. Starring Becky Price 'a repertoire of intellectual gags' (UReview), David Baxter 'Absolutely Hilarious' (Trip Advisor) and Struan Logan 'Original and bloody funny' (Terry Alderton).

  • 2:30pm AMY WRIGHT'S OCCUPATION [Comedy] El Barrio

    Close friend of Michael Gove, Amy Denise is a megalomaniac teacher who likes school so much that she's built her own, ensuring that children will enjoy the best days of her life for the rest of theirs. Join Amy and learn poetry, apostrophes and how she rehabilitated R. Kelly.

  • 2:35pm NATHANIEL METCALFE: ENTHUSIAST [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 2

    Having wasted his life indulging his minor obsessions, Nathaniel attempts to justify them. As heard on James Acaster’s Findings (BBC Radio 4). Hackney Empire finalist’s debut show. 'Wonderfully quirky' (Time Out). 'Brilliant' (Josie Long). 'Genuinely one of the best five comedy shows I have seen. Original and hilarious' (Josh Widdicombe).

  • 2:35pm TEST TUBE COMEDY PRESENTS... [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 1

    Previous performers include Tony Law, Sara Pascoe, Dr Brown, Robin Ince, Lee Nelson, Josh Widdicombe, Andrew Lawrence, Rich Fulcher, Celia Pacquola, Seann Walsh, James Acaster, Lucy Porter, Pappys, Jerry Sadowitz, Simon Munnery, Ben Target, Daniel Simonsen and Richard Herring. MC: Dec Munro

  • 2:35pm THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD [Theatre] Mood

    Award-winning Kevin Short's new play about the perverse realities of life. A brutal and sometimes horrific interrogation of a sadistically corrupt justice system, which is as evil as the criminal perpetrators it pursues. Bloody frightening! Is wickedness a state of being that no-one can control? You decide!

  • 2:40pm NATASIA DEMETRIOU: DOIN IT FOR THE CASH. [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    ‘Genius,’ (Gay Times) ????? ‘One of the funniest hours of our lives’ (The Skinny) ????? ‘Inventive and cruelly executed, this will make your world ache’ (Fringe Biscuit) ???? 'Solid gold' (Spoonfed) ????.

  • 2:45pm PICK A CARD, ANY CARD (NO, NOT THAT ONE!) [Magic] The Street

    Stories, tall-tales and close-up card magic with a true English gentleman.

  • 2:45pm HYBRID MOMENTS: A STAND UP SHOWCASE [Comedy] Citrus Club

    This ever-changing, hybrid line-up gives you a delicious taste of what there is to see this year. Hosted by Eddie French ???? (, 'ridiculously talented' (The York Press), 'Nothing short of brilliant' (

  • 2:45pm GARY COLMAN:GRIND [Comedy] Whistlebinkies

    Reluctant hedonist and professional snowboarder has it all. Then gets married, gets kids, gets an ulcer. A joyous, uplifting show about the crushing banality of life. 'Fearlessly funny... best deadpan act since Jack Dee... it's unsurprising that Frank Skinner's a fan' (GQ). 'Highly inventive and very funny' (Frank Skinner).

  • 2:45pm MAX FLETCHER - FAIL BETER [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Sneekit

    A smart and fresh new solo comedy show that's 100% guaranteed to be funny and doesn't need any stars to prove it ????? (The New Current).

  • 2:45pm EDINBURGH REVUE: SKETCH SHOW [Comedy] Opium

    Uni may be out for summer but the Edinburgh Revue is not. Bringing you the very best of this year's sketches and the five brightest comics of our Class of 2013. 'Thoroughly entertaining and original,' (The Skinny).

  • 2:45pm ON THE LINE: MEDIA [Comedy] La Tasca

    Investigative journalism has decided to take the brave leap of investigating the media. Today, On The Line: how one article can ruin a reputation, change a dream and force a man to build a wall around his town to protect himself from the invasion of immigrants.

  • 2:45pm WE ARE ALL ORANGE GHOSTS [Spoken Word] Fiddlers Elbow - Downstairs

    Feel like you've been badly coded? A show about happiness, self-acceptance and the orange ghost from Pac-Man. Spoken word poet/performer and Canterbury Laureate Dan Simpson's debut solo show.

  • 2:50pm OTHER VOICES: SPOKEN WORD CABARET [Spoken Word] Banshee Labyrinth - BH

    Allographic’s Other Voices brings you open-hearted open mic, magnificent all-female cast of spoken word stars and different special guests every day, all with a sumptuous cabaret vibe, hosted by Fay Roberts. We’ve something for everyone! For open mic book in advance or on door.

  • 3:00pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    The Free Fringe live music section, featuring the best bands and solo performers we can get hold of, will entertain. Edinburgh's finest local musicians and many who have come for the Fringe. A varying line-up every day, and refreshments available while you listen. Including Alex Hynes, Cameron Phair and many others.

  • 3:00pm PSYCHE - DO YOU MIND? [Cabaret] Voodoo Rooms - Ballroom

    Tired of the voice in your head? Tired of trying to contact your inner self? Tired of rhetorical questions? This is a show about the brain. Your brain. Comedy, mind reading and bizarre magic put together Psyche. A show for those who mind.

  • 3:00pm PAUL B. EDWARDS DOESN'T KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS [Comedy] Bannermans

    He's got the wrong show in the wrong room at the wrong time. He's got the wrong sheets, booked the wrong flights and is even wearing the wrong clothes. Come and laugh at him falling apart before your very eyes. "Pretty Damn Funny" (Scottish Daily Mail)

  • 3:00pm RAPH SHIRLEY: A PORTRAIT OF A PROVINCIAL DICKHEAD [Comedy] Bristo Bar & Kitchen

    Highbrow (pretentious?) alternative (unpopular) character (character!) comedy (tragedy). 'Fantastic alternative character comedy' ???? ( 'Bundles of potential and ambition' ( 'Raph Shirley is... funny' (

  • 3:00pm BRISTOL IMPROV PRESENTS... [Comedy] Whynot?

    Bristol Improv returns with THREE week-long runs of completely different shows! Fast-paced improvised sketches from Steals the Show, epic fantasy battles from An Unexpected Tale, ???? ( and melodramatic monologues from A Night of Noir ????? (, ???? (

  • 3:00pm LIFE OF PIE [Comedy] Pilgrim

    Another one bites the crust! Join Alex Perry (Hackney Empire New Act Finalist 2013; Comedy Cafe Winner) and a plethora of funny guests for a show containing pies, damned pies and statistics.* (*There's a 93% chance the show won't mention statistics).

  • 3:00pm TOBY EXPLAINS THE UNIVERSE [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Bothy

    Learn how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis using only two Mormons, why Brits are secretly more arrogant than Americans and how you can become a hero simply by sleeping with a comedian.


    Tommy Croft (Jollyboat), Helen Foster & Ed Croft (Jollyboat) and Alastair Clark (not Jollyboat) desperately compete for your attention and admiration. Three acts, Three PM, Free entry.

  • 3:10pm I DO IT FOR THE MONEY [Music] Fingers Piano Bar

    DANGERIOUS harpist URSULA BURNS randomly arrived in funny land when she accidently won the IRISH MUSICAL COMEDY AWARDS. The maverick songstress has four back catalogue albums and a lifetime performing theatre circus and music. VIRTUOSO HARPING strange accents and no jokes! It's bound to make you LAUGH and possibly CRY!

  • 3:10pm CHARMIAN HUGHES: ODD ONE IN [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Chamber Room

    From Nazi war criminal’s daughter and only girl in boys' school to snogging Chris Huhne and bishop. True stories of swapped babies, escape to circus and rescue from evil world of false limb advertising. ‘Charming ribaldry’ (Guardian), ‘Best gags’ (Independent), 'Like Josie Long’s mum' (Chortle). Silver Stand-Up Finalist 2012. Glastonbury MC.


    ‘Laughs come thick and fast… definitely one to watch’ (Fest). ???? ( ‘Precocious Fringe fave’ (ThisWeekLondon). ‘Very funny’ (New York Post). The much anticipated debut hour from this compelling and hilarious comedian.

  • 3:15pm WE'VE BECOME MANGO: TALKING LIMBO [Comedy] Southsider

    [Whispers] Edinburgh's favourite fruity sketch group unleash a fresh batch of darkly surreal comedy upon their unsuspecting city. [Shouting] The funniest amateur comedy act I've seen (and better than a lot of the professional ones I've seen too). ????? (Inferior Design), 'Worth your time' (Broadway Baby).

  • 3:15pm THE SAVAGE PLANET [Theatre] Fiddlers Elbow - Upstairs

    The Savage Planet is a one act play set on Planet Ygam, inhabited by hyper intelligent Draags who have saved humans from extinction, keeping them as pets after a cataclysm destroys Earth. One human escapes and attempts to rebuild his civilisation…

  • 3:20pm SHORT & CURLY: A RIPE PEAR [Comedy] Ciao Roma

    Sketch Comedy duo Short and Curly are back with another mind-bending hour of interactive mayhem. New characters, new locations, new shoes! She's short, he's got curly hair. They really are a ripe pear! WARNING: THIS SHOW CONTAINS SCENES OF A COMICAL NATURE.


    Awesome political stand-up from activist Chris Coltrane. Let's beat the Tories with love and punchlines! 'One of few acts who are the future of British political comedy' (Mark Thomas).

  • 3:30pm MARK STEPHENSON: HALF MAN HALF AMAZING [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Cinema

    Time Out's One to Watch 2013, Chortle Best Newcomer nominee. Runner-up: Hackney Empire New Act of the Year, Laughing Horse New Act of the Year, Leicester Square New Act of the Year. ‘An exhilarating new voice on the comedy circuit’ ( Is he? Yes. So come.

  • 3:30pm TALL, DARK AND DARRYL [Comedy] Henry's Cellar Bar

    In 1987 Axl Rose said 'Welcome to the Jungle.' Now, 26 years later this show is unrelated, although there may be fun and games. Come down for some comedy that’ll make you feel like you’re in Paradise City (sorry, this show has very little to do with Guns N' Roses).

  • 3:30pm THE SIDCUP FAMILY PORTRAIT [Comedy] The Dram House

    Follow Jonty Sidcup as he transcends time in search of his ancestry. Caligula’s Alibi Theatre Company’s The Sidcup Family Portrait returns to Edinburgh after sell-out audiences and five star reviews at the 2012 Fringe ????? (The Scotsman) ???? (ThreeWeeks).

  • 3:30pm COMEDY DEATH: TRUE HORROR STORIES FROM THE COMEDY CIRCUIT [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Attic

    Everyone has a bad day at the office. Join Javier Jarquin as he hosts a wide range of guest comedians telling you about their worst gigs. Because really, who wants to hear the good stories anyway? And remember, we're not here to judge – we're here to laugh.

  • 3:40pm Madogs act 1 [Music] Madogs

    &&& details to come &&&

  • 3:40pm OWEN NIBLOCK: TWISTED WHIMSY [Cabaret] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    Music, comedy and oddity intertwined. Take one slightly geeky outcast, add poetry, mix in jokes, sprinkle over some doodles and simmer until laugher ensues. Et voilà, a magical world of one-liners and songs. 'A very funny man,' (Russell Howard). 'Inspired and offbeat,' (Chortle). 'Ground-breaking,' (The Scotsman).

  • 3:40pm THE NEWS AT KATE 2013: WORLD INACTION [Comedy] Canons' Gait

    Earlier this year Kate appeared on ITV's This Morning. This is the opposite of that show. Real issues, satire and amazing guests from comedy and politics. @Cruella1.


    After success at the Camden Fringe, The Sheffield Revue combines sprightly characters with western themes in a sketch comedy show that’s 'In equal parts erudite and daft' ( This show promises a variety of sketches and charming performance of silliness and mirth.

  • 3:45pm ...SPEED...MATING... [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 1

    IMMACULATECONCEPTS return with their raucous lecture on Mother Nature's most exuberant offspring and their bizarre mating rituals! It's where QI meets the ANIMAL DARWIN AWARDS. So come and SPOT THE PERVERT. And if you can’t, it’s probably you... 'NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED CREATIONIST!' ????? (LOL-Ireland).

  • 3:45pm KRISS FOSTER & FRIEND [Comedy] Ryan's Cellar Bar

    A man from Lancaster in a homemade leopard suit performs songs about Vimto, trains, service stations and the seaside. For fans of Flight of the Conchords and John Shuttleworth. 'Dead good' (NME). 'A great disappointment' (his gran). @krissfoster

  • 3:45pm WRAY THOMSON'S UP IN SMOKE [Comedy] El Barrio

    Have you had problems dating? Relationships not working out? Follow 'the hottest new comedic talent to emerge out of the north-east' (STV News) as he tells of his dating disasters and you won't feel bad about it again.

  • 3:45pm POETIC JUSTICE [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Fantoosh

    I have a run at Swindon Festival of Culture, so this is preparation for that. A mix of poetry, beat poetry, my heckling policy, drum solos and children's stories. Paul Foot's support act 2011 and 2012. Represented by DAA Management.

  • 3:45pm COME RIDE WITH ME [Comedy] Base

    Climb aboard critically acclaimed character comedian Lesley Evans’ wild and witty joyride. Evans’ third solo show. Journeying to London you’ll meet highway hostess Kelly Benny, fruity fertility doctor Gunty Smit and TV's magnificent Maggie Fountain. 'Evans’ bursting energy generates vast amounts of laughter' (ThreeWeeks). ???? 'Excellent' (Edinburghguide).

  • 3:45pm NO GIRLS ALLOWED [Comedy] Free Fringe George

    The Premium-Deluxe edition of hit sketch show We pledge to Supply Crisps, now available in Edinburgh. Combining comedy, music, dance and data-graphs.

  • 3:45pm LEXI HEART- THE SINGING MAGICIAN [Theatre] Café Camino

    A woman vanishes. But before she goes her story is told, peppered with beautiful illusions as melody and mayhem combine. Sometimes sad, sometimes silly, always magical, Lexi carries us through her bizarre world and unsettles our reality as she goes. 'A dishevelled Jessica Rabbit crossed with Paul Daniels' (JazzFM).

  • 3:50pm QUIZ IN MY PANTS [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 1

    The festival's silliest panel show’s fourth year! Special guests every day; previous guests include Miles Jupp, Tom Green, Henning Wehn, Joe Lycett and The Noise Next Door. Features the ever-popular 'Muffin Diving' round and the world's longest quickfire round! Bring your own buzzer and let the frivolity begin!

  • 3:50pm FUNNY SWEDES [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 2

    A showcase of Scandinavian talent on the British circuit. Swedish Evelyn Mok (New act of the Year at The Swedish Stand Up Gala 2012, finalist in Chortle Student Comedy Awards 2013) and Ahmed Berhan (semi-finalist in Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2008, Swedish Raw Comedy Club-Comedian) and more.

  • 3:50pm CAL'S GOT TALENT? [Comedy] Mood

    Join Former Britain's Got Talent Star Cal Halbert ('the new wave of comedy,' Michael McIntyre) for impressions, laughs and his friends from BGT, along with special guests for your entertainment.

  • 3:55pm PISTOLS AT 3.55PM [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    Two comedians with GSOH seek audience with same for hour-long relationship. Stand-up and a dash of improv from Fat Kitten Improv ???? (ThreeWeeks) ???? (Broadway Baby) alumni James Ross and Steve Violich. 'Well-spoken but bat-shit insane' (Culture Slut).

  • 4:00pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    Live music from the Free Fringe's pool of amazing music acts. Edinburgh's got talent, and we've secured that talent to play for you. Including William Douglas, Aaron Wright , Daniel McGeever, the Alan David Ross show, Victorian Trout Conspiracy, the Dark Jokes and many others

  • 4:00pm JOSIE ROSE LIVE [Music] The Street

    Josie Rose is an up and coming alternative singer/song writer and harpist. She brings a new sound to the clarsach (celtic harp), with her imaginative original songs and entrancing vocals, self-accompanied in contrasting arrangements. She is at one with her instrument, creating a truly captivating stage presence.

  • 4:00pm ROB AUTON: THE SKY SHOW [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - BH

    This show is about the sky and the things in it; you know, birds, balloons, weather etc. This show is suitable for people who have seen the sky and enjoy looking up. 'Charming, eccentric and uplifting. A talent to watch' (The Independent). 'A strange and magical experience' (Broadway Baby).

  • 4:00pm DEAD CAT COMEDY CLUB [Comedy] Opium

    The UK’s premier Indie Comedy Club comes to Edinburgh! An afternoon showcase featuring the best names in comedy that you’ve never heard of. Hosted by Red Redmond. Different line-ups daily. 'I can’t recommend visiting Dead Cat Comedy Nights more,' (

  • 4:00pm NEW YORK ALL-STAR COMEDY HOUR [Comedy] Whistlebinkies

    Visit the Big Apple without leaving Old Town! Acclaimed New York comedy club Tribeca Comedy Lounge presents the festival’s best comics from both sides of the pond. Features former* Fringe award winners, as well as some of the biggest names in US comedy from Comedy Central, Letterman and HBO *(and undoubtedly future!).

  • 4:00pm EXISTING, WAITING, FISH [Comedy] Citrus Club

    This is the story of an old woman who lives in a wood. Meanwhile (and more importantly) two men are having a chat. They talk about existence, waiting and fish. Some sort of developments might happen if they get round to it. We'd love to stay and chat but the rice pudding's getting burnt.

  • 4:00pm BRAVE AND FREE. TALES OF SCOTLAND [Spoken Word] Fiddlers Elbow - Downstairs

    Tales full of giants, brownies, selkies, kings and heroes from the land of the brave and free. The real Scot, storyteller Calum Lykan introduces you to his magical Scotland.

  • 4:00pm ALEXIS DUBUS: CARS AND GIRLS (2013 VERSION) [Spoken Word] The Dram House Upstairs - Sneekit

    A poetic version of the award-winning comic's set of travel tales. UFOs, truckers, bean festivals and the Dutch. ‘Gorgeous, honest, effortlessly funny’ ???? ( ‘An hour of compelling raconteurship’ ???? (The Scotsman).

  • 4:00pm THE MOON CANNOT BE STOLEN [Spoken Word] La Tasca

    Reading old diaries is a culture shock...travelogue, metaphysics and fantasy. Join Kirsten Luckins as she finds out that the past really is another country.

  • 4:15pm TWINS [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Bothy

    Affiliated with The Invisible Dot, Twins stars Jack Barry, ‘a future in comedy’ (Chortle) and Annie McGrath, ‘beautiful timing and spot-on delivery’ (Cambridge Tab). ???? (Broadway Baby) ???? (ThreeWeeks) ???? (Ed Fringe Review) ???? (Leeds Student).

  • 4:15pm TINY POSEIDON'S EROTIC MEAT TRIFLE [Comedy] Pilgrim

    Stand-up showcase featuring Liam Pickford, Jayne Edwards and Jack Evans. Three of Manchester’s stand-out stand-up comedians burst forth from the fruity, alcoholic depths of Tiny Poseidon’s beefy dessert to tickle you with their joke tridents.

  • 4:15pm JOHN-LUKE ROBERTS: BROKEN STAND-UP [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - Ballroom

    Vigorous sort-of-stand-up from co-founder of The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, writer for The News Quiz and star of 2010 hit 'Distracts You From a Murder'. 'John-Luke Roberts. Funny as fuck and clever? Sure. But he also is a dick. I'd bottle him all up,' Tony Law.


    Imagine a gang of thugs with knives. Now replace the knives with jokes and the thugs with three best friends that want to stab you into fits of laughter. That's us. Come and see the sketches we wrote.

  • 4:15pm SEAN BRIGHTMAN'S HOLIDAY HORROR STORIES [Comedy] Bristo Bar & Kitchen

    See this show and you will get approximately 2437 seconds of entertainment, straight out of a suitcase. See this show. Nearly forgot to say, see this show.

  • 4:15pm CONCRETE GENERATION PRESENTS... [Spoken Word] Cowgatehead - lower floor 1

    CONCRETE GENERATION PRESENTS... This collective of artists based out of Charlotte, NC, represent the best of the best from the American performance poetry scene. Listen to the prose, rhymes and undeniable talents of Anthony 'Twenty20' Collins, Kendrea 'Mekkah' Griffith, Mason 'Quill' Parker, Carlos Robson and Quentin 'Q' Talley, as these National Poetry Slam Champions bring their award winning original spoken word to the Edinburgh Stage.

  • 4:15pm CAT [Theatre] Cowgatehead - lower floor 2

    Fired from his dream job in Cats the Musical on the final day of rehearsals AND discovering the love of his life had left him for Munkustrap, Dave The Cat is mad. Featuring never before performed songs, allegedly from Cats, Dave’s here to share this tragic love story with a dark twist.

  • 4:20pm THE FULL BRONTE [Cabaret] Fingers Piano Bar

    Scary Little Girls / PBH's Free Fringe – Join Monika and Nom de Plume for comedy, music and song. A romp in homage to the Brontes. French and Saunders meet Hinge and Bracket. ‘Everyone's talking about SLG – are they worth the hype? Yes!’ (Independent).

  • 4:20pm PAUL SAVAGE: CHEERFUL SHAMBLES [Comedy] Dragonfly

    Paul Savage sometimes lies awake at night, convinced he's a character in a sitcom. What's worse, whoever's writing it clearly hates him. Unbelievable stories of embarrassment. 'Genuinely brilliant' (The Guardian). 'A wonderful way with words' (

  • 4:20pm TOMMY ROWSON - ONE PIECE AT A TIME [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Chamber Room

    BBC New Comedy Award finalist, Chortle Award nominee and So You Think You're Funny winner, Tommy Rowson presents a mix of stand-up and film with a special guest every day. 'Laid-back, cheeky, charming' (London Is Funny). 'Perfectly judged comic timing' (Steve Bennett).

  • 4:30pm FRESH FACES AT THE FREE FRINGE [Comedy] Southsider

    Your chance to spot the comedy stars of the future. Yes, acts we've had in the past are now TV regulars. Five or more acts each day. Comedy in small chunks so you needn't get bored waiting for the next one.

  • 4:30pm THE ANTISOCIAL NETWORK [Theatre] Fiddlers Elbow - Upstairs

    Are you connected? Really connected? Isn’t there a disconnect between you and the people you work with, live with and love? You can’t keep up with all your ‘friends’. You feel more in Life than just ‘like’. Welcome to the antiSocial Network. Keep logged in.

  • 4:35pm JACK JEROME [Comedy] Ciao Roma

    New Act Finalist 2013 Will Cooper brings you his hilarious breakthrough comic creation 'Jack Jerome' – a motivational speaker who will tell you how to live your life, not in a patronising way, just in a way which even you'll understand.

  • 4:45pm GOING DARK! BY BETH VYSE [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Cinema

    A fantastical dark journey following the life of a dying actress, who meets a plethora of bizarrely outrageous characters. A multimedia delight for fans of the surreal, sublime and completely ridiculous. 'Excellent' (Evening Standard).

  • 4:45pm FIN TAYLOR: CRAMP [Comedy] Globe Bar

    A stand-up show about trying to live, rather than just exist. Warm-up for BBC2's Never Mind the Buzzocks and Glenn Wool tour support hits Edinburgh with a 45-minute free show. 'Original, distinctive and fresh,' ( @FinTaylorcomedy.

  • 4:45pm YIANNI IN THINK BIG [Comedy] The Dram House

    A ‘wonderfully funny’ ???? (Time Out) look at the power of self-belief. Through confidence and conviction in the ‘sharp social commentary’ ???? (Chortle) of his ‘stunningly good’ (Scotsman) shows, Yianni hopes to become ‘the next big thing’ ???? (ThreeWeeks). TOP 5 FREE SHOWS – The List, NOMINATED – Amused Moose Laughter Award.

  • 4:45pm JULIET YES AND FRIENDS [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Attic

    ROLL up ROLL up for comedy roulette! A different audience, a different line-up of ace comedy talent every day! Set phasers to Fun and let’s trawl together through the bric-a-brac of comedic delights: stand-up, improvisation, jokes and games, hosted by Juliet Stephens ('whip sharp wit and playfulness,' The Skinny).

  • 4:50pm ELLIE AND OSCAR SHARE A TIME [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    Discover great facts about the performers and what life is like on set. For example, did you know the show will be split into two halves with Ellie and Oscar each doing about half an hour of material? 'Destined for great things' (Fest). 'Nothing short of incredible' (

  • 4:55pm THE BOOK OF FACE [Comedy] Chiquito

    Gilded Balloon Sketch Semi-Finalists 2013 invite you to overshare in the rupture of the goof book. Come and enjoy a jelly spaffing service, repaint your sins and be blissed. All manure of stiff and nunsense with the four oarsmen of the apocalypse. 'Putting the 'div' in divine' (Jesus-H).

  • 4:55pm OXFORD REVUE PRESENTS [Comedy] Canons' Gait

    The world-famous Oxford Revue has curated a fine selection of new comedy, from sketch to stand-up to music, from among the very best up-and-coming Oxford acts. With new acts each week, this is student comedy at its best! For daily listings, see

  • 5:00pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    The Free Fringe live music section, featuring the best bands and solo performers we can get hold of, will entertain. Edinburgh's finest local musicians and many who have come for the Fringe. A varying line-up every day, and refreshments available while you listen. Including Alex Hynes, Cameron Phair and many others.


    After the success of 2012's Twenty Seven Years On, Porky the Poet returns to Edinburgh with a collection of new poetry and ponders the cultural conundrum, 'How low can you go?' 'An hour no one should miss' (The Scotsman).


    Very funny' ???? (Broadway Baby). 'Has the hilarity factor' ???? (Cream of the Fringe). 'A funny German – the only one!' (KKunst Magazine). 'Excellent one-liners' ( Free stand-up comedy!

  • 5:00pm EDINBURGH MUST SEES [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Fantoosh

    Some of the best acts from across the Edinburgh Fringe. Carefully selected and all doing their best to convince you to go and see their full shows. ("a fantastic night of comedy" 5 stars. The London Word)

  • 5:00pm ANGRY BEARDS [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 1

    Bringing their sell-out Glasgow Comedy Festival show to the Fringe, join the misanthropic Richard Brown ('smart and funny literary jokes,' The Skinny) and the delicious Geoff Gawler ('an ability to spin a simple gag into an entire alternative universe,' The Skinny) for an hour of comedy. And beards.

  • 5:00pm IT'S NOT REALLY THERE [Comedy] El Barrio

    What are you afraid of? Really?! Well don’t worry, Lynsey Bonell and Trevor Ferdy are too. Enter their world for an hour of magical, musical, surreal stand-up. Their playful coping mechanisms will chase your scares away! Prepare to loosen the lid on your sanity and release your inner-child.

  • 5:00pm ALL OUR FRIENDS ARE DEAD [Comedy] Ryan's Cellar Bar

    Dark and surreal sketch comedy from Katie Norris and Sinead Parker. Dubious characters, satirical songs and sketches with a tragic edge. Think The League of Gentleman meets Julia Davis, Father Ted and Brass Eye but with quiche, gin and buggery.

  • 5:00pm NOT THE ADVENTURES OF MOLEMAN [Comedy] Free Fringe George

    Two young men do some sketches for you, with some stand-up thrown in plus a song, a bit of poetry and a live reverse exorcism. 'Very funny and highly recommended' (Nerve). 'I haven't laughed so long and so hard in ages' (Broadway Baby).

  • 5:00pm ANOTHER NEW WORLD [Theatre] Café Camino

    Disaster in the Arctic. Only the Captain survives. Should he die with his men or return home? Hero or coward? A gripping play echoing the tales of Shackleton and Franklin. Captivating new writing from a Chichester Festival Theatre Young Playwright.

  • 5:05pm SARAH CAMPBELL: ISN'T IT FUN??????? [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 2

    Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air. But don't for social reasons. A stand-up show about agony, ecstasy and not being sure, from the Russell Howard's Good News Writer and 'one of the stand-out stand-ups of the future' (British Comedy Guide).

  • 5:05pm JESSICA FOSTEKEW: MOVING [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 1

    Jessica’s wonder-filled third hour shows you all her moves, yet contains no dancing. She regales with the glorious realities of moving in with a hoarder, out of trouble and up and down the world. 'Great fun,' The Guardian. 'Consistently hilarious,' Fest.

  • 5:05pm SIGHT GAGS FOR PERVERTS [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    I'll be wearing a little wig and some false teeth. The show begins with me wearing an uninflated, inflatable horse. There's one bit that may not go down well but I pull it round with a bit of Bruce. 'Brilliantly Bizarre' (Time Out).


    Daniel Brown, Sam Chaplin, Joe Lawrence and Kevin Mahon present their lighthearted alternative to culture. A stand-up showcase featuring four up-and-coming comedians, all eager to share their silly jokes, confused outlooks and half-baked ideas.

  • 5:10pm MONKEY POET [Spoken Word] Banshee Labyrinth - BH

    New show along the lines of… 'Funny, Furious, Filthy,' (Jersey Evening Post). 'The darkest, rudest and funniest thing you'll see,' (Broadway Baby). 'This audience was in stitches,' (ThreeWeeks).


    This year, the cat just got bigger! Simon South returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his amazing and critically acclaimed one man show. Combining comedy, magic and thrilling stunts, this is one show you will not want to miss!

  • 5:15pm MATTHEW HIGHTON'S IT CAME FROM THE MUD [Comedy] Whistlebinkies

    Remember all those times you said, I’ll go see Nan tomorrow? Then she was dead! Don’t do that with this show, see it today. Sublime stand-up and masterful storytelling from key member of Chortle-nominated Weirdos. ‘Wonderful surrealism’ (Guardian). ‘Something quite special’ (Chortle). Disorientating, bizarre and rather brilliant’ (Broadway Baby).

  • 5:15pm GOWER HOUR [Comedy] La Tasca

    University College London’s diverse and left field comedy troupe provide their finest sketches. 'Dare I say it, genuinely funny' (ThreeWeeks). 'A wealth of talent and quick witted humour' (London Tab).

  • 5:15pm SPLIT SHIFT [Comedy] Opium

    Two stand-ups: a woman one and an alternative man. Venue is located under the George IV bridge.

  • 5:15pm WHO YA GONNA CALL? [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Sneekit

    Katy, Tom and Jon pay tribute to everyone's favourite 80's films with original songs, cardboard props and lots of love. Think Reduced Shakespeare Company meets Be Kind, Rewind in ‘...a cult audience experience’ (Total Theatre).

  • 5:15pm PRESENT AND CORRECT [Comedy] Citrus Club

    Get ready for a plethora of original and hilarious sketches, in a universe populated by futile superheroes Loki and some guy with hams for fists who just doesn't get the joke.

  • 5:15pm HOW TO BECOME A MODERN ARTIST [Spoken Word] Fiddlers Elbow - Downstairs

    Ever fancied earning millions from your unmade bed? Does a urinal really embody eco-feminist post-structuralist ennui? To some, modern art is the pinnacle of human achievement; to most it's poncy pretentious crap… A comedic, interactive and mildly educational show about art today.

  • 5:30pm ULYSSES DIES AT DAWN [Cabaret] Whynot?

    Welcome to the City – a rusted techno-hell ruled by the immortal Olympians. Meet the burned-out gumshoe Ulysses, about to die at the hands of the Suits: Heracles, Oedipus, Orpheus and Ariadne. The Mechanisms present an hour of noir storytelling, grimy folk blues and Greek myth. Don't get lost.

  • 5:30pm SHAGGY DOGGEREL [Cabaret] Fingers Piano Bar

    Combining spoken word, comedy, music, storytelling and hip-hop, award-winning duo Mellor & Steele spin deliciously dark yarns familiar and strange. You'll bark with laughter and take paws for thought. For Anthropoetry: ???? (The Scotsman) ???? (Broadway Baby) ???? (Sabotage).

  • 5:30pm JAMES CHRISTOPHER: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Chamber Room

    A brand new stand-up show in which @JCbeermat explains everything.

  • 5:30pm TOM WEBB'S WEDDING [Comedy] Dragonfly

    I do comedy. A hilarious hour of stand-up about love and happily ever after, break-ups and cake tops and a wedding in St Paul's Cathedral with the award-winning star of Dave TV, face of Popbitch and singleton.

  • 5:30pm MCDANIEL AND CALLAGHAN [Comedy] Pilgrim

    Two men will stand for half an hour each in the same place. They will speak. One is called David and one is Paul. They have both done this before. Laughter will occur. We will all win.

  • 5:30pm WILL SETCHELL WAS HERE [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Bothy

    Will Setchell was here; now he isn’t. He’s elsewhere doing other things and talking about them. In essence, this is a show about moving out, moving on, breaking up, being broke and possibly growing up. Also, Werner Herzog. 'Setchell’s breathless storytelling is timed to perfection,' (The Skinny).

  • 5:30pm NICK HODDER'S OBJECTIVES & KEY RESULTS [Comedy] Bristo Bar & Kitchen

    Focused, determined, tenacious, promiscuous? Nick Hodder is none of these things. That's why he isn't performing at the EICC. Other reasons include a general lack of talent. Well, next year could be different. Help Nick put things right. Who knows, maybe he can help you too? But probably not.

  • 5:30pm PEKKA AND STRANGEBONE'S COMEDY SHOWPIECE [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - Ballroom

    Dark and chaotic character comedy from the stars of Britain's most fictitious talent agency. 'Brilliant, inventive, far, far beyond silly with riotous audience interplay, one to watch' (

  • 5:30pm HAYLEY JAYNE STANDING - BRITAIN'S YOUNGEST GRANDMA. [Comedy] Cowgatehead - lower floor 1

    Join Hayley (BBC's Home Time/New Tricks/White Van Man) in her much anticipated Edinburgh debut as she welcomes you into the world of Britain's Youngest Grandma and her family, an eccentric tight-knit benefit-claiming bunch from Lancashire. SMA meets WKD.

  • 5:30pm THE RIBBON TIED [Theatre] Cowgatehead - lower floor 2

    The Ribbon Tied tells the story of a young couple who, after breaking up, meet again years later through a chance encounter. Spending an evening together, it becomes clear the different people they have become, yet with neither party willing to let the other go, feelings become mixed and the game they never finished is replayed.

  • 5:45pm COMEDY GRIT [Comedy] Southsider

    An hour of autobiographical stand-up from Martin Pilgrim ‘quiet confidence and well-timed punchlines... a delight' (Alternative Comedy Cabaret), Mike Bentley 'honest and raw... hilarious and utterly heartfelt’ (HOWL Alternative Comedy Night) and Charlie Benson ('red hair'). Plus very special guests!

  • 5:45pm STATIC [Theatre] Fiddlers Elbow - Upstairs

    Static combines brilliant storytelling with verbatim news reports to tell a coming-of-age story that spans a decade. From watching the World Trade Centre fall live on TV to the top of Tory HQ, through drunken teenage parties and walking home with broken noses.

  • 5:50pm NOT SUITABLE FOR DRINKING [Comedy] Ciao Roma

    This Australian trio will hit you with a comedy show that – whoa, their venue won best gelato in Edinburgh? They did? Man, we need to get that gelato. Also, the comedy show is pretty great. Probably the greatest experience you’ll ever have next to eating this gelato.

  • 6:00pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    Live music from the Free Fringe's pool of amazing music acts. Edinburgh's got talent, and we've secured that talent to play for you. Including William Douglas, Aaron Wright , Daniel McGeever, the Alan David Ross show, Victorian Trout Conspiracy, the Dark Jokes and many others

  • 6:00pm MUSIC AT MALONES [Music] Malones

    A selection of the Free Fringe's bands and music acts, every hour on the hour except when there's sport. Come, drink and enjoy. Different every day. Edinburgh's finest musos, plus guests from all over the world

  • 6:00pm CHRISTIAN REILLY: SONGS OF PRAISE [Comedy] The Dram House

    Perrier/Chortle-awarded musical comedian returns with more songs to heal the world. 'Sonofabitch got FUNNY!' (Rich Hall). 'Seriously Funny' (Richard Herring). 'A clever comic... funniest songs I've heard in a long time' (Kate Copstick, Scotsman). 'Bill Bailey, watch out!' ???? ( ???? (ThreeWeeks) ???? ( 'Acutely wonderful' ???? (

  • 6:00pm THE SIX O'CLOCK CLUB [Comedy] Globe Bar

    Four handpicked comedians every night, including the best up-and-coming acts on the circuit, as well as comedy competition winners and finalists. Start your evening with some free stand-up comedy at the friendliest little comedy club at the Fringe.

  • 6:00pm JOE ROWNTREE IS A BIT OF A CHARACTER [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Cinema

    Star of Dave’s One Night Stand and Brainiac Science Abuse brings you a late afternoon hotpot; serving up some rare and wonderful specimens to delight and whet your character comedy appetite. 'Bags of madcap energy and an instant daft allure' (Chortle).

  • 6:00pm LOVE AND LILLEY: FEAR AND LOATHING [Comedy] Kilderkin

    In this double-bill of stand-up, Alex Love (Finalist in Droitwich’s It’s A Knock Out 2013) and Simon Lilley ???? (ThreeWeeks) talk about things that they fear and loathe. If you like jokes about estate agents, stalkers and giant squid, then this is the show for you.

  • 6:00pm TOTAL HERO TEAM [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Attic

    New two-man musical from the people behind Dinosaur Planet, Hey Hey 16K and Moon Horse, featuring superheroes, robots, pirates, kittens and a free badge. 'Like two drunk dads getting up and singing at a barbecue' (Radio One).

  • 6:05pm AIDAN GOATLEY IS ON THE MEND [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    How does a film fan cope with a nervous breakdown? Join Aidan Goatley as he travels from denial to acceptance, via Hollywood, in his new show about films. And mental health. 'Think Alan Coren, add a dash of Woody Allen' (Telegraph & Argus).


    Free Fringe founder PBH's solo show; title chosen in the stupor of organisational stress. ????? 2009 ???? 2010, 2011 and 2012 (all The Scotsman). But it could still be rubbish.

  • 6:10pm RUTH E. COCKBURN DOESN'T EVEN SMOKE. [Comedy] Madogs

    Ruth isn't cool – she doesn't even smoke. In this show, she endeavours to prove none of us actually are. This is Ruth's guide to being content with what you've got. Comedy, story-telling and music to hopefully make your day better. Do come. It'll be nice to see you.

  • 6:10pm ANGUS BARR, UKULELE-BANJO WARRIOR [Comedy] Chiquito

    Angus Barr brings his debut solo show to the Fringe, ready to set right the injustices of this world armed only with a ukulele-banjo. ‘Barr's suave, quasi-innocent delivery belies the devilishly satirical and saucy content of his songs’ ????? Venue Magazine. ‘Just so brilliant...really fabulous songs’ - Ed Chappel, Musical Comedy Awards.

  • 6:15pm SOHO COMEDY CLUB AT THE FRINGE [Comedy] Base

    London's famous Soho Comedy Club, named one of the top 10 clubs in London, is bringing you an hour of top quality comedy performed by the best acts at the Fringe. The line-up changes daily and will feature 3-5 comedians and Soho Comedy Club’s house MC David Mulholland.

  • 6:15pm FRENCH & HEAVEN: 'OUT OF STEP' & 'DIRT' [Comedy] El Barrio

    Eddie French finds himself Out Of Step. 'Ridiculously talented,' (The York Press). 'Nothing short of brilliant,' ( 'Wonderful... rib-tickling,' (Leeds Guide). Multiple award losing Simon D Heaven tells jokes for loose change. ?'Our favourite act of the evening... Genius.' (Itchy Edinburgh).??

  • 6:15pm RORY & TIM: ON THE HOUSE [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Fantoosh

    Confusingly-named sketch trio Rory & Tim return to the Free Fringe. Following 2011's Free at Last and 2012's Good for Nothing, they scrape the bottom of the pun barrel with On the House. Nothing to do with houses. But it is free. 'Absolute genius and utterly hilarious' (ThreeWeeks).

  • 6:15pm COMEDIAN? NO. JUST ITALIAN. [Comedy] Free Fringe George

    How to go beyond stereotypes in a Country where comedians become Prime Ministers and the other way round? Discover thanks to this multifarious actor why in Italy reality is funnier than jokes: unwittingly you could become part of the show!

  • 6:15pm ROSS SEMPLE: FULL DISCLOSURE [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 2

    Ross Semple isn't like other 21-year-olds but he wishes he could be. The mechanics of social interaction, being an incredibly needy friend and the Real Housewives franchise are just some of the topics to be featured in this awkward hour of unfiltered negativity.

  • 6:15pm EMBARRASSING MOTHER [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 1

    Most mothers take it easy once their kids have grown up but Maxine Jones took to stand-up. Her sons think she’s in Lidl. Maxine left London for Dublin in 1990, married an Irishman, became the first divorcee, reared three rowdy sons and discovered how English she was. ‘Outstandingly funny’ (

  • 6:15pm WE ALL ARE HER [Theatre] Café Camino

    Mix of cabaret basics, great singing, deep story told in an exciting yet dramatic manner, an ending that touches everyone's bowels. Being a show where 'the feminine' is questioned in its cliché forms, both men and women recognise a deep feeling of uncertainty about what could be right or wrong, putting us face to face with our complexity.

  • 6:20pm KNEES-UP ROUND THE ORGAN [Cabaret] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    Mister Meredith turns a saucy, satirical gaze on the world of singalong, from football terraces to church halls via pop anthems and your local pub all wrapped up in a good old knees-up round the piano. 'Terrific audience interaction... quick wit and good all-round comedy' (Scotsgay).

  • 6:20pm BERLIN EXPAT COMEDY FUN SHOW [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 2

    Berlin's stand-up comedy underground has returned! From the self-deprecating stories of charismatic Scotsman Chris Davis to the confused multiculturalism of Passun Ernesto Azhand (Afghanistan/Germany) to the smutty travel observations of Paul Salamone (USA) and the visionary nerd woe of Caroline Clifford (UK), this show has 'Alles'!

  • 6:20pm DOBBING AND HAMDI [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 1

    An original and refreshingly intelligent two-man stand-up showcase. Pete Dobbing: SYTYFF Finalist, 'Brilliant' ???? (ThreeWeeks) and Omar Hamdi: 'Warm, confident performer' (Chortle) ‘delivered non-stop laughs’ (Surrey Life) ‘Slick, classy, very clever’ (Worthing Herald).


    If you see only one show in Edinburgh this festival...then you’ve missed the point. Let the Royal Holloway Comedy Society explain where you went wrong in life. With jokes and poetry.

  • 6:20pm EVIE AND THE PERFECT CUPCAKE [Spoken Word] Banshee Labyrinth - BH

    In Evie’s world, the State controls calorific intake, her sister is perfect and her job sucks. So, does she really think she can have her cake and eat it? 'Tina’s language fluctuates from the luscious to the fragile and perceptive, making for a heady mixture and a very powerful show' ???? (


    The bickering illusionists return with what is without a doubt the largest illusion show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013. Featuring new spectacular large-scale Las Vegas style illusions, intimate sleight of hand, their own blend of humour and a hatred for each other.

  • 6:30pm THE CUCKOO NEST [Comedy] Opium

    Young comedians Jimmy Bird and Francis Foster invite you into the Cuckoo Nest to hear of love, loss and failure from an outsider's perspective. Something different from the usual Fringe fare. Laughing Boy 2011 Winner, Latitude New Act 2011 Winner, Comedy Store Gong Show Finalist.


    These are the girls your mother warned you about. They are both from the West Country, both are 'alright' looking but that's where the similarities end... Cerys Nelmes and Tash Bartlett bring you an hour of tales from their weird and wonderful lives. Don't tell your mum!

  • 6:30pm I'M FINE, YOU? [Comedy] The Street

    Candy Gigi and Trine Munk: 'I'm fine, you?' Is a response regularly given by a small, kooky East London Jew and a tall, awkward, musical Dane. Both rather surreal women talk you through their off-the-wall, unconventional lives via the art of singing, crying and general hysteria.

  • 6:30pm FREE FOOTLIGHTS [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Sneekit

    In addition to their main show, the Cambridge Footlights present an hour of stand-up, songs and monologues in association with the Free Fringe. Come see some of the brightest young comedians around for free! Every day features a different line up, so no two shows are the same.

  • 6:30pm STAND UP TRAGEDY [Spoken Word] Fiddlers Elbow - Downstairs

    Fed up with the feel good factor? Well, Sony Award-nominated Dave Pickering's 'entertaining bunch of melancholic oddballs' (London Word) will soon wipe that smile off your face, with their new breed of variety night – music, storytelling, stand-up and theatre, dedicated to the fine art of bringing you down!

  • 6:40pm PLINKY PLONKER [Comedy] Fingers Piano Bar

    Stephen 'Friz' Frizzle is going to ruin your favourite songs. Armed with a piano, he will basically rewrite tunes that you know and love until you don't want to know or love them any more. It's more fun than it sounds. 'A genuinely brilliant entertainer' (Simon Donald, The Viz).

  • 6:40pm GARETH MORINAN IS PLAYING THE NUMBERS GAME [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Chamber Room

    Whimsically meaningful, colourfully innovative, multimedia comedy. About how science can be used to improve both love and politics. An array of good reviews (4 or 5 stars) and TV appearances (BBC, C4, HBO) would seem to imply Gareth is definitely worth seeing. Edutainment at its best.

  • 6:40pm GOOD BREEDING [Comedy] Dragonfly

    Kate Fox is a Radio 4 regular, writer and comedian. She's never wanted children. Didn't think that was still controversial – until she started telling people. Good Breeding is a funny, thoughtful look at what else makes life worth living. 'Funny, quirky and a wonderful writer' (Sarah Millican).

  • 6:45pm A TRANNY IS BORN [Cabaret] Voodoo Rooms - Ballroom

    American gender bender from Motown, Detroit Michigan comes with her one woman show singing live. With her huge belting voice that turns into a smokey Jazz Diva in the blink of an eye. Singing from Bassey to Holiday with a few surprises as a rock goddess.

  • 6:45pm THE LAND OF NOD [Comedy] Whynot?

    ‘We will shortly be arriving in...’ Board the grave train to a land of Singing Vicars, murderous milliners and dogging dance instructors. Twin Peaks meets Mr Benn as told by The Fast Show. ‘Welcome to The Land of Nod!’ ‘All comedy sketch shows should take notes from this group.’ ???? (

  • 6:45pm FAT PENGUIN: BITESIZE COMEDY SHOWCASE [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Bothy

    THE BEST WAY TO START YOUR EVENING! Birmingham's finest free comedy night comes to the Fringe! See up to five of the best up-and-coming comics from around the festival as well as AWESOME SPECIAL GUESTS! All doing short, easily digestible sets! Follow @ThatFatPenguin for updates.

  • 6:45pm TREVOR BROWNE LIVE [Comedy] Bristo Bar & Kitchen

    Trevor Browne returns to the festival with another hour of unbelievable music, consummate storytelling and halting stage presence. "This is a 'one-liner-loaded stand up show which delivered often hysteric laughs" (Fringe Guru ????) "Perfection" (Three Weeks ?????)

  • 6:45pm THE COCK FACTORY [Theatre] Cowgatehead - lower floor 1

    From the cage to the kitchen table the cock has no control. In The Cock Factory, who rules the roost? Enter the factory and witness the surreal journey of a human forced to live the manufactured life of a chicken.

  • 7:00pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    The Free Fringe live music section, featuring the best bands and solo performers we can get hold of, will entertain. Edinburgh's finest local musicians and many who have come for the Fringe. A varying line-up every day, and refreshments available while you listen. Including Alex Hynes, Cameron Phair and many others.

  • 7:00pm MUSIC AT MALONES [Music] Malones

    Live music, and good stuff. The Free Fringe's ever-expanding music section entertains, with a programme of different acts every day, although some will come back, of course. Cameron Phair, the Alan David Ross show and many others.

  • 7:00pm ROWENA HALEY: THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN CHIPS [Comedy] Southsider

    Entertainingly intolerant' (Chortle) Rowena Haley shares the benefits of growing up in the north-west of England with a 93-year-old best friend. Through stand-up and song Rowena expresses the burden of being wise beyond her years.

  • 7:00pm MASTERS OF DRIP [Theatre] Fiddlers Elbow - Upstairs

    A wise old man once said, 'If you eat enough sand, you'll die.' These two never listened to that man. Not one word. Not. One. Word. In search of the Drip, sketch theatre pours forth.


    Adam Strauss tackles two wildly divergent topics: sex and love. Is true connection possible or are we the mere playthings of archaic evolutionary impulses? 'A hugely intelligent, incredibly engaging performer,' (Scotsman). 'Extremely gifted' ???? (The Skinny). 'An amazing storyteller and comedian' ???? (EdFest Magazine).

  • 7:15pm AWAY AN' BILE YER HEID [Comedy] Globe Bar

    Glasgow humour at its best. Following on from his 'Fur Coat and Nae Knickers' and 'Yir Bum's Oot the Windae' tours, let Brian entertain you once more with a mix of original songs and tales from his Glasgow roots. 'Definitely one to watch!' (Strathclyde Police).

  • 7:15pm LOST IN THE EIGHTIES - MODERN DREAMS [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Cinema

    1980s' pop sensations and celebrity couple Derek Dreams and Mandy Modern are back on tour due to the near bankruptcy of their caravan park. Lose yourself in the decade that brought you Spandex, Rubik’s cubes and shoulder pads. Let's party like it's 1984!


    Times are tough and not all comedians can afford an elaborate stage show. An hour of no-frills stand-up from two of the country's most exciting and inventive young comedians, fresh from a year spent performing with the likes of Josh Widdicombe and Russell Howard. 'A delight' ???? (Alt.Com.Cab).

  • 7:15pm CASUAL VIOLENCE: OM NOM NOMINOUS [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    Award-winning sketch villains present a fresh hour of monsters, madmen and miserygutters – their boldest, bleakest and best characters from the past three years. This is your chance to see the best of Casual Violence – all rolled into one fast-paced, super-streamlined showcase. Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality nominees 2011 and 2012.

  • 7:15pm MR AMBIGUOUSNESS [Comedy] The Dram House

    As seen on Mock the Week and celebrating 20 years in comedy, Ben Norris returns to the Fringe. Daniel Kitson thinks he's 'wonderful' and anyone who's seen him in free flow will know this show is sure to be hilarious and slightly different every night.

  • 7:15pm THE WURST KÄSE SCENARIO [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Attic

    Performing comedy? In English? In Germany?! Sounds like the Wurst Käse Scenario! Straight from the heart of Berlin, Nate Blanchard (US), Tim Whelan (UK) and friends present an hour of stand-up. Bring an appetite.

  • 7:15pm KALAHARI DIAMOND GOLF CLASSIC 1982 [Comedy] Canons' Gait

    Work-in-progress show by Thom Tuck. Partly about morality and partly about reptiles.

  • 7:25pm EDINBURGH AMUSEUM: THREE'S A CROWD [Comedy] Chiquito

    Make space for three up and coming comedians from Scotland's capital: Katia Kvinge 'Great comic timing' (Fringe Report) 'Naturally funny' (The Skinny), Eddie O'Dwyer (Semi-Finalist Chortle Student Comedian of the year ’12) and Rory Telfer 'staggeringly brilliant' (The Skinny), as they pack your evening full of world class comedy made in Edinburgh!

  • 7:25pm DAN SCHREIBER: INTO DORKNESS [Comedy] Madogs

    Dan Schreiber (Creator of BBC's Museum of Curiosity; former QI Elf) used to think he was awesome. Turns out he was wrong. This debut stand-up hour investigates his new home in the land of nerds. 'Quality comedy' (The Scotsman). 'I'm pretty sure Dan discovered the Pyramids' (Rhys Darby).

  • 7:30pm PIECES OF COMEDY [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 1

    A relaxed stand-up and sketch comedy show with all the show business bits stripped away. This is a silly show and one which will provide enough laughs to forget about your life.

  • 7:30pm JOLLYBOAT - NOT SEEN ON TV [Comedy] Base

    Foster's Comedy Award Winner (2015)... or 2016 at the latest. We've written a really funny show but unlike SOME comedians, you won't find us selling out and having a successful TV career. ????? (ThreeWeeks), ????? (InformedEdinburgh), Glastonbury 2013, CBBC (2014 – we sold out).

  • 7:30pm MITCH FERAL: ONE MAN BANNED [Comedy] El Barrio

    Satirical comedy and songs from the creator of 2012 hit musical 'Street Cries'. 'If only all award winners were as good' ???? (Broadway Baby). 'One minute you'll be laughing, the next teary-eyed' ???? (ThreeWeeks). 'Spot on' ???? (One4Review).

  • 7:30pm PAUL F TAYLOR PRESENTS THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE WORLD EVER [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Fantoosh

    This show has been a tightly kept secret since the dawn of time. Paul F Taylor (New Act of the Year 2013) brings that show to your face with 'an impressive knack for both observational wit and quirky flights of fancy' (The Evening Standard).

  • 7:30pm MATT LACEY: CLASSROOM WARRIOR [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    Matt has set up a new school and like all good schools, this one has a bar. Come for a smorgasbord of character comedy from the award-winning Gap Yah star. 'The most natural performer... a comedy sensation' (The Times). ???? (Fest) ???? (The List) ???? (ThreeWeeks) ???? (Chortle) ???? (Broadway Baby) ????? (Scotsgay).

  • 7:30pm BROADSQUAD [Comedy] Free Fringe George

    Come out and enjoy an energetic hour of funny with Female born sketch troupe, BroadSquad. Discover where you draw the comedy line. We intend to play hopscotch all over it!

  • 7:30pm THE WORD HOUSE [Spoken Word] Banshee Labyrinth - BH

    A diverse and high-quality spoken word night based in London, showcasing the finest and freshest talent on the UK's live literature circuit. For one night only The Word House brings its energetic atmosphere to Edinburgh! Featuring top names from the spoken word scene, all hosted by Dan Simpson.

  • 7:30pm SHATTERED! [Theatre] Café Camino

    Moving, evocative and powerful' (Support in Mind). 'A truly excellent piece of work' (H2G2). A play comprising a series of true-life monologues of men and women fighting mental health issues such as depression, bi-polar, post-natal, self-harm and less obvious but still damaging conditions. A raw and honest portrayal.

  • 7:35pm MATA HARI [Cabaret] Mood

    I’ll know how to die.' Dutch femme fatale and convicted spy Mata Hari awaits death by firing squad. Her actual words, taken from letters and interviews, are combined with animation by Cristina Espejo Vindel, song and dance performed by Aletia Upstairs. 'Knows how to own a stage…her style was refreshing…moody and beautiful' (South African).

  • 7:35pm RORY O HANLON'S DON'T DRINK DON'T SMOKE [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 2

    Don't Drink Don't Smoke is the hilarious new show from one of the rising stars of Irish comedy, Rory O'Hanlon. This one-hour show is full of belly-achingly funny stories of how this man is surviving life without two of life's more popular pastimes.

  • 7:35pm LUKE TOULSON: I DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY KIDS [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 1

    As seen on Russell Howard's Good News, the Perrier-nominated and award-winning stand-up presents a blisteringly funny and brutally honest new show about fatherhood, UKIP and the most racist production of Miss Saigon ever staged. 'Toulson is clearly a gifted comic,' (Sunday Times).

  • 7:45pm STANDING UP FOR SOMETHING [Comedy] La Tasca

    Jonny Lennard and Pierre Novellie join forces to create an hour of the funniest comedy of the Fringe. Fresh, original and hilarious new talent. ‘Phenomenal’ (ThreeWeeks). ‘Slick and slightly offbeat... sometimes redolent of Eddie Izzard’ (Steve Bennett, ‘An absolute pleasure to watch’ (

  • 7:45pm INSTANT ORDER: TRIAL BY AUDIENCE [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Sneekit

    You be the jury in a gripping courtroom drama comedy show... completely improvised! Never before seen in the UK. Using live re-enactments, character witnesses, alibis and psychology to bring the case to life before your eyes. Everyone's innocent until YOU prove them guilty. Featuring new guest performers every night!

  • 7:45pm SAM AVERY - ROCK & DOLE [Comedy] Opium

    Sam wanted to be a rockstar. Signed by BMG Records at 17 (forcing him to quit his paper round) he toured with Motorhead until the story turned sour. He had crap hair anyway. 'Destined for bigger things’ (Chortle). ‘Funny loveable show from a comedian who's really hit his stride' (Daily Post). 'Painfully funny hour' (Leicester Mercury).

  • 7:45pm STAY AT HOME DAD [Comedy] Citrus Club

    Immensely popular last year! Eden Rivers returns with his 'Hilarious and Touching' upbeat take on modern family life. Fully aware that there is nothing as tedious as listening to someone biffle on about their own offspring. It's not like that. A show suitable for anyone, who knows anyone who has ever had children.

  • 7:45pm AN EVENING WITH SAMANTHA [Spoken Word] The Street

    Samantha returns for a second year to The Street for storytelling, guests and some gentle soul-searching. There will also be tap dancing. Tweet Samantha (@MsSamanthaMann) or find her on facebook (Samantha Mann). More details at

  • 7:45pm TELLING TALES [Spoken Word] Fiddlers Elbow - Downstairs

    Too grown up to be told a story? Think again... Storytellers Fiona Herbert and Calum Lykan put a new spin on an old tradition. Prepare to be swept into a world inhabited by Recession Struck Genies, trolls made homeless by Edinburgh Tramworks, action Packed Puppies and much, much more.

  • 7:50pm SYNAGOGUE SLUT [Cabaret] Fingers Piano Bar

    Whilst the ‘likable and out-of-the-ordinary’ (Scotsman) Emily Rose performs around the country with hilarious stories and songs, she lives a double life as the UK’s leading female interdenominational synagogue reviewer. This year, she reveals the oddities of Judaism through humour and song ???? (ThreeWeeks 2012).

  • 7:50pm BEARD ENVY [Comedy] Dragonfly

    Sarah Cassidy and Anne-Marie Mullan introduce their favourite acts on the circuit, feed you biscuits and hand out fake beards. Free beards and biscuits plus jokes. What a very pleasant evening!

  • 7:50pm SKEPTICS ON THE FRINGE [Science/Rationalism] Banshee Labyrinth - Chamber Room

    Edinburgh Skeptics bring the Enlightenment back (again)! The award-winning Skeptics on the Fringe returns for its fourth year bigger and better. Join us every night for a different talk on science, reason and critical thinking as we exhume the Enlightenment spirit. See for details.

  • 8:00pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    Live music from the Free Fringe's pool of amazing music acts. Edinburgh's got talent, and we've secured that talent to play for you. Including William Douglas, Aaron Wright , Daniel McGeever, the Alan David Ross show, Victorian Trout Conspiracy, the Dark Jokes and many others

  • 8:00pm MUSIC AT MALONES [Music] Malones

    A selection of the Free Fringe's bands and music acts, every hour on the hour except when there's sport. Come, drink and enjoy. Different every day. Edinburgh's finest musos, plus guests from all over the world


    This year the Grumpy Magicians, John and Paul, go shopping for Christmas! (Well, as it says in the adverts, you can never start too early.) When they look at what they've bought stuff starts happening.


    WINNER: Best Comedy, 2012 Melbourne Fringe. NOMINATED: Best Independent Comedy, 2011 MICF. 'Impeccably constructed chaos.' ????? (TalkFringe). 'Genius.' (YAWP Magazine). 'You need to see it.' ????? (Funny Tonne). Offbeat. Australian. Interactive. Character. Comedy.

  • 8:00pm BOURKE AND NO HAIR [Comedy] Bristo Bar & Kitchen

    Mary is married to simon .They're both comics and this is a very funny show and it's cheaper than a counselling session at Relate . 'Impeccable one liners' (GQ), 'an hour packed with fine routines' (Scotsman).

  • 8:00pm FORGET WHAT YOU HEARD (ABOUT SPOKEN WORD) [Spoken Word] Cowgatehead - lower floor 2

    Come join us for the friendliest spoken word showcase on the Fringe! Be beguiled by some of the finest poets of the Festival and take the stage at our open mic to wow us with your own words.

  • 8:15pm JOKÉMON! [Comedy] Southsider

    A knock-about piss-about with the most exciting stand-ups on the Fringe, including BBC newcomer ADAM HESS, mental MAT EWINS and many more, with 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' warm-up FIN TAYLOR as MC. Grab onto your jokéballs and watch your jokémon do battle!

  • 8:15pm CAPTAIN MORGAN AND THE SANDS OF TIME [Theatre] Fiddlers Elbow - Upstairs

    Two actors. One musician. Forty-four characters. Captain Morgan and First Mate Hammond quest for the secrets of time travel in a rip-roaring pirate adventure comedy, featured on BBC Radio Bristol. ‘Comic genius... a raucous barrel-of-laughs’ ????? ( 'Incredible’ ????? (

  • 8:20pm THE NEWS AT KATE 2013: MY PROFESSIONAL OPINION [Comedy] Ciao Roma

    Comedian and activist Kate Smurthwaite is often found ‘arguing with idiots’ on TV and radio shows like BBC Breakfast, The Moral Maze and The Big Questions. Her unashamedly high-brow, left-wing, feminist, atheist show asks how and why we form and change our minds. @Cruella1. Directed by Sam Miller.

  • 8:25pm AFTER THE APOCALYPSE [Cabaret] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    Ladies and gentlemen and those of you not so defined, the end of the world is nigh. Too late. Boom! After Tales from a Cabaret and the TO&ST award-nominated An Hour Long Sinister Wink, join us after the Apocalypse, plucking, strumming, singing tales of the new world rising from the rubble.

  • 8:25pm ADDY TIME [Comedy] Canons' Gait

    It's time for some Addy time with Addy van der Borgh in Addy Time: '…he was absolutely…' '…very much...' '…utterly…' '…one of the most…' '…puppy…' '…comedian…' '…massive cock…' '…sauber und ordentlich…' '…mizahla konu?ma dili sa?lanmal?d?r monkey…' '…hair…' '…value…' '…he’s done a bit of telly if that helps...'

  • 8:30pm COMEDY WORLD WAR III [Comedy] Kilderkin

    The hit-show returns to Edinburgh. Which country is the funniest? Four international top stand-up comedians per night, one against one, no allies! Hosted by German comedian Christian Schulte-Loh. 'Subversive' (Spectator). 'Very funny' ???? (Broadway Baby). Like in every war: different line-up every night.

  • 8:30pm BENJAMIN PARTRIDGE: AN AUDIENCE WITH JEFF GOLDBLUM [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Cinema

    Get within six feet of your idol. Hear about a holiday he took with Richard Attenborough. Learn how an imaginary prawn can save your life. Featuring Whoopi Goldberg. Debut show from BBC Radio 4 writer and comedian.

  • 8:30pm NORWEGIANS OF COMEDY [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Attic

    Martin Beyer-Olsen and Lars Berrum. 'These twats are flying the flag for alternative comedy in Norway. Don't let their impeccable English deter you. Funny and original stand-up. Friendliest wankers you'll ever meet' (Tony Law, comedian). 'The funniest thing from Norway since Greenpeace' (Scott Capurro, comedian).

  • 8:30pm ALISTAIR BARRIE: UNIVERSAL ADAPTER [Comedy] The Dram House

    After last year's award-nominated show, Comedy Store regular and international circuit favourite Alistair Barrie returns to Edinburgh with an hour of universal comedic themes presented in afinancially sustainable model. How exciting is that? 'Excellent' (The Independent) ???? ( ???? (The Herald) ???? (Metro) ???? (ThreeWeeks).

  • 8:30pm TOTALLY NINJA NAKED [Magic/Comedy] Globe Bar

    David Alnwick's stand-up comedy with a hint of magic. 'F***ing Ginger Ninja Wizard' ????? (ThreeWeeks), 'More tricks than a cunning fox' ????? (LSM), 'COMPLETELY F***ING AWESOME' ???? (The Skinny), ???? (FringeGuru).

  • 8:40pm HOPE & GLORIA [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    Agony Aunt for the modern age, Dr Hope, brings her unique brand of advice to Britain. Whatever the issue, Dr Hope has the solution in this silly and irreverent hour of character comedy with a difference.


    From your suggestions we create an improvised movie. Featuring epic trailers, moving scenes, unforgettable stories and probing interviews from the cast and crew.

  • 8:40pm JEM ROLLS [Spoken Word] Banshee Labyrinth - BH

    ‘Dynamic, funny, sharply political… A rousing success, the pump-action poet… The godfather of Scottish performance poetry… Go see’ (Scotsman). ‘Unsurpassable energy’ (Independent). ‘Fast, funny and angry’ (Herald). ‘Highest calibre… Genius’ (Montreal Gazette). 35 ????? reviews, 150 ????. First solo Edinburgh.

  • 8:45pm JONNY AWSUM'S TO DO LIST [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Fantoosh

    Can Jonny Awsum tick off everything on his special Edinburgh to do list? Musical comedian Jonny Awsum has put together the to do list to end all others, which he hopes to tick off with the help of his trusty sidekick Russ and the Edinburgh Free Fringe audience.

  • 8:45pm WILKINSON FORD: WEBMASTERS [Comedy] Base

    The Funny Side Artist Management presents popular comedy duo, Wilkinson Ford. An hour of high energy, mirthful live sketches, film interludes and all round side-splitting silliness in their new show, Webmasters. There'll be hashtaggin' in the streets. Does anyone still poke?

  • 8:45pm MYKAL MAKINTYRE'S COMEDY NO SHOW [Comedy] El Barrio

    Okay. It's a fair cop. He isn't actually booked for it. Will he turn up anyway? No. Of course not, why would he? We are just hoping that the title falls just the right side of charming so you come to what is a showcase of various comedians.

  • 8:45pm COMEDY ON THE BRIDGE [Comedy] Free Fringe George

    Pop in for a fun packed 50mins of comedy from a selection of Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedians. A regular host showcases a different line up every night drawn from stand-up acts and improv players from the festival.

  • 8:45pm PANDAMONIUM COMEDY FRINGE SHOWCASE [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 1

    After 3 years providing quality up and coming comedy Pandamonium comes to the Fringe for the first time. Our pick of the Fringe comedy showcase will bring you 4 Different acts every night with both new and experienced acts from all over the Festival.


    Resurrection comes at a price for NHS patients. Just ask test subject Reg Tanner – death’s biggest loser – who is due before the Minister of Mortality this afternoon. Topical comedy from the creator of Saving Grace ????? ( and Excess Baggage ???? (

  • 8:50pm HARMON LEON IN OBEY MCGONAGALL [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 2

    William Topaz McGonagall is considered the worst poet in Scottish history. So giftedly bad, he unwittingly backed into genius. American comedian Harmon Leon draws uncanny comparisons to his own career. 'A comedy force to be reckoned with' ????? (Edinburgh List). 'Leon takes a risk with his comedy and audiences should too' ????? (Adelaide Advertiser).

  • 8:50pm I'LL LEARN U A THING OR 2. [Comedy] Cabaret Voltaire - downstairs 1

    Graham Mackie stars in his first Edinburgh solo show at the age of 54, come and hear some hilarious tales from this juggernaut of the Scottish comedy scene, who has played almost every recognisable venue in the country and some others you would think possible, including five different prisons.

  • 9:00pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    The Free Fringe live music section, featuring the best bands and solo performers we can get hold of, will entertain. Edinburgh's finest local musicians and many who have come for the Fringe. A varying line-up every day, and refreshments available while you listen. Including Alex Hynes, Cameron Phair and many others.

  • 9:00pm MUSIC AT MALONES [Music] Malones

    Live music, and good stuff. The Free Fringe's ever-expanding music section entertains, with a programme of different acts every day, although some will come back, of course. Cameron Phair, the Alan David Ross show and many others.

  • 9:00pm REALLY? REALLY! [Cabaret] The Dram House Upstairs - Sneekit

    Uneasy Alliance Presents: 'Really? Really!' Magical double act Simon and Fleur take you on a journey through the stunning magic of Las Vegas, to the vaudevillian sideshow stunts of old, combining them together to create a completely unique experience that is NOT to be missed!

  • 9:00pm DEAR RAY [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Chamber Room

    In January this year a lonely pensioner accidentally became my pen pal. This is the story of what happened next. A touching and hilarious stand-up show about love and adventure from a rising star. ‘Momentous’ ???? (Broadway Baby), ‘Razor sharp’ ????(Fest), ‘Buckets of energy’ (The Daily Telegraph).

  • 9:00pm DEAD FAMOUS [Comedy] Dragonfly

    Comedy, chat and a little bit of history, hosted by Edgar Allan Poe and possibly Cleopatra, Annie Oakley, Marie Antoinette or some other famous dead person. A show featuring celebrities who've already faced the worst thing in life: death. Elise Harris and Paul Wady with different guests every day.

  • 9:00pm MILK THE LAUGHS [Comedy] Citrus Club

    Join us for a delicious hour of stand-up comedy served by Mike Hewitson ‘A very funny man’ (Leeds Tealights) and Henry Perryment ‘Painfully funny’ (Varsity). With guest spots from the cream of the comedy circuit (announced via @Milkthelaughs). Drink it up, it's good for you. 'Utterly Hysterical' (Hercampus).

  • 9:00pm FINITE JEST: AN HOUR OF JEST [Comedy] Opium

    Nick Gibb (winner of New Zealand’s biggest comedy award, the Billy T) knows you only have so many hours in your life and promises this will be one of the good ones. 'Erudite and educated… brilliantly original material' (Edinburgh Guide). 'Incredibly self-assured and cleverly intelligent… a masterclass in comedy' (TVNZ).

  • 9:00pm WELL, IT'S WOODY... [Cabaret/Comedy] Fingers Piano Bar

    Music and poetry from Woodstock Taylor, friends and guests, back for a second year. Songs, poems, that kind of thing. 'Seamless cabaret night with a programme to savour... a range of classics and off-the-wall offerings... delightfully relaxed (yet pitch perfect, and perfectly pitched),' (The List).

  • 9:15pm REBECCA ROBERTS [Music] Cowgatehead - lower floor 1

    This is Rebecca's first time at Edinburgh Fringe and she's arrived with a bang, her band Becks and the Bullets playing Gilded Balloon's Late n Live and her solo show, unique in outlook and musical style.

  • 9:15pm GERRY HOWELL: SERIOUSNESSMUS [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Bothy

    From the award-winning Gerry Howell comes a comedy show for people serious about comedy. Short stories, long jokes, wide observations and the tallest of ideas. 'Does it behoove horses to wear shoes?' 'Why is tomorrow's world not on TV anymore?' 'What if there were no rhetorical questions? ????? (The Skinny).

  • 9:30pm RICHARD GADD: CHEESE AND CRACK WHORES [Comedy] Southsider

    One of the UK’s most exciting, unique and troubled comedians, Richard Gadd (Winner Laughing Penguin New Act of the Year 2011, Finalist Chortle Student Comedy Awards 2011) recounts the worst week of his life. ‘Inspired’ (Scotsman). ‘Delight to behold’ ( ‘Real funniness’ (Skinny). ‘Fantastic satire’ ( ‘Different and fun’ (

  • 9:30pm LOVING DICK [Theatre] Fiddlers Elbow - Upstairs

    A slice-of-life comedy darkened by its fundamental question... What is sex? Connor, the unambitious teacher, Lana, an opinionated European expat and Max, the laddish teaching assistants' lives intermingle along with their differing views. Add the mysterious Dick to this heady mix and the result is an unexpectedly explosive cocktail...

  • 9:35pm PAUL DABEK - STAND UP AND BE CONJURED [Magic] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    Free Fringe favourite Paul Dabek returns with a new devilishly deceptive show. Mind-blowing magic and cheeky comedy from the UK's third most charming conjurer. Dabek brings his impish, flirty brand of magic to Edinburgh for a fourth year. 'Machine-gun delivery and genuinely funny’ (The Scotsman). 'Superb showman’ (Time Out).


    The show that started the Free Fringe. Four comedians a night, some famous, some obscure, all compered by PBH in inimitable style. This show is a Fringe institution. Guest compere Wednesdays. There's little more to say.

  • 9:35pm LONDON IS FUNNY PRESENTS [Comedy] Ciao Roma

    One of the hits of the Free Fringe! Four acts a day, with TV names, ace newcomers and everything in between, plus brilliant MC Tom Webb. Previous guests include Cardinal Burns, James Acaster, Lee Nelson, Andi Osho, Josie Long, Gimp Fight, Paul Sinha, Rufus Hound, Hal Cruttenden, Scott Capurro, Pete Johansson.

  • 9:45pm ALAN SHARP: AS SEEN ON [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Cinema

    We live in an age of instant celebrity. Andy Warhol said we'd all be famous for 15 minutes and he was just about spot on. Alan Sharp reckons he's had about five of his so far. 'The man is a great storyteller' (The West Australian).

  • 9:45pm ALEX KEALY & FRIENDS [Comedy] Kilderkin

    So You Think You're Funny finalist and Grade 2 pianoforte wunderkind Alex Kealy, plus funny friends, present an hour of humour. 'Misleadingly positive extract… from largely lukewarm review' (All of the Newspapers).

  • 9:45pm GINGER NATION [Comedy] The Dram House

    Shawn Hitchins’ fiery account as a sperm donor to a lesbian couple is hilarious and heartfelt. On his personal mission to repopulate the earth with redheads, Hitchins recounts memories from adolescence, brushes with celebrities, feats of masturbation and discovers what it means to be ginger and proud.

  • 9:45pm A TERRIBLE COMEDIAN [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Attic

    Luke McQueen is the worst comedian not working in the UK. If you don't go and see any comedian at this year's Fringe then make sure it's this one. He has a 32 inch TV.

  • 9:45pm THREE MEN IN A JOKE [Comedy] Globe Bar

    Omar Hamdi, James Edward McDaniel and Adi Knight present their eclectic mix of stand-up comedy.

  • 9:50pm THE QUINT FONTANA 2013 COMEBACK SPECIAL [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    Legendary entertainer Quint Fontana finally brings his comeback show to Edinburgh and it's in a bar! Join Quint as he sings all the hits you've never heard of and tells a few tales you'd probably rather forget. Can he hold it together...? Probably not!

  • 9:50pm UTTER! PRESENTS: THE NEW POPULAR RECITER [Spoken Word] Banshee Labyrinth - BH

    Delving into the history of spoken word entertainment, James McKay enters, tailcoat and all, the robust world of the Victorian poetry reciter: expect strong language, wrong politics and poems like what they don't write anymore by, among others, Macaulay, Byron, Wordsworth, Rochester and Poe.

  • 9:55pm NIKKI AITKEN IN GOBSMACKED! [Cabaret] Chiquito

    Best Comedy Show Winner 2009 ATG Awards:Best Cabaret, NZ Fringe & Best Music and Cabaret, Dunedin Fringe (noms) to name a few. Hilarious tales of an Aussie Diva who wants it all.‘A laugh-out-loud gag fest- Herald Sun **** ‘The definition of brilliance’ Fringe Benefits, ‘A Voice to die for’ ATG

  • 10:00pm MUSIC AT MALONES [Music] Malones

    A selection of the Free Fringe's bands and music acts, every hour on the hour except when there's sport. Come, drink and enjoy. Different every day. Edinburgh's finest musos, plus guests from all over the world

  • 10:00pm SILHOUETTE BURLESQUE [Cabaret] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    Cherryfox presents Silhouette Burlesque: a revue to delight fans of everything from follies-style fan dancers and Vegas Bump & Grind, to pantomime comedy and punk-inspired neo-burlesque. Each night sees a different cast of burlesque beauties, cabaret curiosities, circus and music.

  • 10:00pm PANDAMONIUM'S IS IT COMEDY OR THERAPY? [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 1

    Pandamonium creator Rory McAlpine combines his solo show with special guests who all feel that work, life and love have let them down. Laugh, cry or both?

  • 10:00pm ABERDEEN'S WILDLY UNPREPARED [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 2

    In the beginning there was Wildly and there was Unprepared and God smooshed them together to make Wildly Unprepared. But why go to church to thank God for that, what kind of church has a service at 10pm anyway, why not come see some great improv comedy instead?

  • 10:00pm JENNIFER WONG: LAUGHABLE [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Fantoosh

    Ride a carousel of pun trick ponies and sparkling one-liners with one of The Sydney Morning Herald’s Top 10 New Comics to Watch. "If there's a quiet achiever award for comedy, Sydney stand-up Jennifer Wong might be your winner." - Herald Sun.


    The once grimly industrial Midlands has transformed itself so much in recent years that some of its citizens now have time to flounce around making people laugh for a living. And they are good at it. See hand picked acts from across this much maligned, but hilariously talented, region.

  • 10:00pm NO NAMES [Theatre] Café Camino

    Two unlikely survivors find themselves trapped together in a house during an undead uprising. Will Emma’s top ten rules to survive a zombie invasion be enough to get them through the night? Or will their clashing personalities lead to their demise? Zombie comedy drama with apocalyptic laughs.

  • 10:10pm LISTEN, LANCELOT... [Comedy] Dragonfly

    A man (Sam Quinn) gives up his imagination and with it his best friend. The consequences are of global socioeconomic and political importance. This production is part-funded by the United Nations Association for Playfulness of Older Peoples (UNAPOOP).

  • 10:15pm BOOK OF QUESTIONS [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Chamber Room

    Come and answer a question from the legendary book. Every night the best questions/answers will end up on the FREE podcast. See: for details or visit the Facebook page and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Want to ask a question? Tweet @BookOfQ.

  • 10:15pm UNCLE HENRY'S HAPPY HOUR [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Sneekit

    An unmissable hour of get-rich schemes from badboy entrepreneur, featuring special guests. Warning – you may leave a millionaire! Cult comedy show from Tom Hensby of The Three Englishmen: 'Side-splittingly funny' ????? (ThreeWeeks). 'Anarchic' ????? (British Comedy Guide). 'Brilliant' (Times). As seen on BBC2, BBC3, & BBC R4 @unclehenry62.

  • 10:30pm THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS [Magic] The Dram House Upstairs - Bothy

    Stephen Allison invites you to enter the world of the hustler and enjoy an evening of card tricks, cheats and scams in this intimate and interactive show. Experience the magic in front of your eyes as you discover why we can all be fooled. A free show but remember all losses must be paid for.


    A self-deprecating look at adolescence in Dublin. School days and religious retreats. An insight into Irish humour covering everything from Riverdance to the Eurovision. Relations with the English and scary nuns on motor bikes.

  • 10:30pm WOMEN WHO WANK [Theatre] Cowgatehead - lower floor 1

    Bidden For. Comically tragic and tragically comic discovery play in search of intimacy, pleasure and connection.  Enjoy the ridiculousness of the best worst kept secret and of disconnected egos rubbing themselves up. This is a Fool's show by Joanne Tremarco and is suitable for all adults.

  • 10:45pm HOW TO TALK TO THE DEAD [Science/Rationalism] Southsider

    Join us for an interactive performance lecture on Victorian trickery. How did the Victorians communicate with the dead? How did they bring the spirits forward? Using magic and comedy this show will explain how. Featuring Ouija boards, flying tables and ectoplasm!

  • 10:50pm MAGIC FARAWAY CABARET [Cabaret] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    The best of the Fringe's burlesque, variety and sideshow join this 'fab lil' cabaret party' (Time Out). 'Body of Burlesque' Dave The Bear and 'Moustachioed-Tom-of-Finland' Mister Meredith showcase different line-ups every night. 'Widely diverse and deliciously deranged... An enticing wilderness to lose your bearings in' (This is Cabaret).


    2012's 5-star SMASH HIT ( returns with our brand of RUDE, FILTHY, DARK and OUT-OF-ORDER adult comedy from Walshy's regular WRONGUNS Ben Adams, Pam Ford, Griffin and Jones, Laura Hayden, Steph Laing, Michael Kossew and more. It's just WRONG!

  • 11:00pm MUSIC AT MALONES [Music] Malones

    Live music, and good stuff. The Free Fringe's ever-expanding music section entertains, with a programme of different acts every day, although some will come back, of course. Cameron Phair, the Alan David Ross show and many others.

  • 11:00pm MARCEL LUCONT'S CABARET FANTASTIQUE [Comedy] The Dram House

    The legendary Frenchman serves a late-night feast of the Fringe's finest alternative performers. 'Debaucherous, delightful, debonair... Marcel knows how to put on one hell of a show,' PerthNow. Previous guests include: Phill Jupitus, Simon Munnery, Boy With Tape On His Face, Tony Law, Tim Key. Lineups:

  • 11:00pm MEGAGAMES WITH TOM WEBB [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Cinema

    Game show made and played by YOU. Including... Human Hungry Hippos, Crowd Kerplunk, Big Top Trumps and Audience Guess Who. 'An incessant sugar rush of a show, MegaGames is one of the most mega fun and mega silly things in town. Mega recommended' ???? (The Skinny).

  • 11:00pm DEAD CAT COMEDY CLUB: LATE SHOW [Comedy] Globe Bar

    An evening of late-night stand-up comedy from the UK’s premier Indie Comedy Club. Forget Late 'n' Live, this is the Fringe’s newest and nastiest late-night comedy show. Hosted by Red Redmond. 'Surprisingly prolific,' Manchester Wire.

  • 11:00pm A TO Z IMPROV [Comedy] Kilderkin

    Free, fast and funny. Spontaneous comedy, in the style of Whose Line Is It Anyway? You suggest scenes, we make them happen. Unscripted adventures unfold in seconds. Every show unique. Come check out the fun!

  • 11:00pm MRS GREEN [Theatre] The Dram House Upstairs - Attic

    A forgotten soul singer self-medicates her arthritis and eases the troubles of her neighbourhood with her favourite music. Dynamic original songs played and sung live by the cast in a late-night riot of Motown, blues and booze. Sheep Soup's outrageous new musical performed by members of Nottingham's BAFTA award-winning Television Workshop.

  • 11:05pm THE PAINTED GRIN LATE NIGHTS [Cabaret] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    The Painted Grin is a late night comedy and cabaret show hosted by all dancing, all opera singing, Time Out Nominated, comedian Jayde Adams and joined by an elite selection of Edinburgh comedic talent, ‘Jaw-droppingly amazing, Jayde Adams is the rising star of London cabaret. See. Her. Now.’ ThisIsCabaret.

  • 11:05pm MONEYISASINNOCENTASTHEGUN [Spoken Word] Banshee Labyrinth - BH

    Money is as innocent as the gun, a re-occurring reflection from the worship of the sun, this innocence, it can't feel the difference, on a cheek, between a last and a first breath, so to speak.

  • 11:15pm BORN TOO LATE [Comedy] Cowgatehead - upper floor 1

    Three young men in their early 20s who have always been old souls. Gabriel Ebulue, Sam Golin and Jamali Maddix share experiences of being young but looking old. Featuring laughs and confessions as they discuss their life views and break down the universe.

  • 11:15pm WE'VE BECOME MANGO'S LATE NIGHT FANDANGO [Comedy] The Dram House Upstairs - Fantoosh

    [Seductively] An anarchic cocktail of sketches and stand-up with a surreal bent. Imagine a cross between Dale Winton and an oven. 'The funniest amateur comedy act I've seen (and better than a lot of the professional ones I've seen too)' ????? (Inferior Design). 'Worth your time' (Broadway Baby).

  • 11:25pm Spoken Word VBS [Spoken Word] Dragonfly

  • 11:30pm FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] Tron Kirk Free Fringe Office

    Live music from the Free Fringe's pool of amazing music acts. Edinburgh's got talent, and we've secured that talent to play for you. Including William Douglas, Aaron Wright , Daniel McGeever, the Alan David Ross show, Victorian Trout Conspiracy, the Dark Jokes and many others

  • 11:30pm THE MEN WHO STARE AT JOKES [Comedy] Banshee Labyrinth - Chamber Room

    Quite late, quite live. Award winning stand-up featuring runaway carpet adverts, voodoo screensavers, blasphemous sweets and pitta bread. Served (to you) by Tom Ward, Ian Lane, Alasdair Beckett-King & Ben Clover.

  • Sunday 04 August 2013

  • 12:00am MUSIC AT MALONES [Music] Malones

    A selection of the Free Fringe's bands and music acts, every hour on the hour except when there's sport. Come, drink and enjoy. Different every day. Edinburgh's finest musos, plus guests from all over the world

  • 12:00am MYRA DUBOIS - SERVICE WITH A SNEER [Cabaret] Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy

    Acid tongued' cabaret sensation Myra DuBois returns to the Fringe with her unique brand of anarchic comedy. A late night one-woman show of screamingly funny, razor sharp wit telling her rags to slightly better rags story. ‘One of the sharpest, funniest rising stars of cabaret’ (Time Out).

  • 12:00am THE MIDNIGHT HOUR [Comedy] Canons' Gait

    The best comedians in the smallest hour, brought to you by London's famous Soho Comedy Club. MC'd by Soho Comedy Club's house compere David Mulholland.

  • 12:15am FREE FRINGE MUSIC [Music] The Dram House

    The Free Fringe live music section, featuring the best bands and solo performers we can get hold of, will entertain. Edinburgh's finest local musicians and many who have come for the Fringe. A varying line-up every day, and refreshments available while you listen. Including Alex Hynes, Cameron Phair and many others.

  • 12:20am THE NOT SO SOBER LATE SHOW [Comedy] Voodoo Rooms - French Quarter

    Come one, come all. Charge your glass and your laughs as various comedians take to the stage every night to provide the giggles with late night comedy calamity.

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